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Adaptable, Durable, and Unique - Ric,

We purchased a 6' x 9' unit, and there are some things about the product that are worth mentioning. First, due to the nature of the assembly clips, the enclosure is quite flexible on initial construction, and it will consequently accommodate a less than level location. This is a definite plus. We first set our unit up on temporary, fairly uneven ground while preparing a permanently leveled location. Because of the uneven ground, the unit was skewed quite a bit, but it was nevertheless rigid with the addition of zip ties. We can have unexpectedly heavy winds on our hillside, so the rigidity of the structure is fairly critical. Second, you'll notice I mentioned zip ties. The clips that come with the unit are perfect for initial assembly, allowing for the inevitable bit of offset during construction despite best efforts at leveling. But those clips are less than ideal for ultimate rigidity. Zip ties at the corners, along the roof joints, and at the base seem almost mandatory on final placement. The good news is, zip ties are inexpensive, readily available, and virtually unnoticeable when you trim the tails. Third, if you live in a windy location like we do, be wary of roof tarps. The unit's open mesh and reasonably heavy wire make it fairly immune to wind, but adding a roof tarp is effectively adding a top-sail. The poles that come with the unit are slip-fit, and they will inevitably slip-unfit once a top-sail is added. (Drilled holes for cotter pins at the pole junctions would be a nice addition in the future.) And fourth, simple ground stakes affixed to the base of the poles are beneficial. Once again, zip ties are marvelous for this little addition. All in all, this is a remarkably good, adaptable, and durable product at a very fair price. And bear in mind, it's an enclosure that one person can actually assemble without either a team of volunteers or heavy machinery (and yes, there are chicken enclosures out there that take a backhoe to lift the screw-and-bolt panels into place).

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Walk in Chicken ???? run - Shaun,

I brought this a month ago after first buying a cheaper option from another site. This is so easy to assemble and the quality is second to none. My chickens are safe and sound thank you.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Chicken run - Mark,

Chickens very happy and foxes frustrated.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Very safe and secure run - also looks great! - Hannah,

Purchased 2 months ago, so far I love it and so do the chicks! Easy to put together and strong, I think this will last for many years to come. Due to space I have put our cube inside the run, the chicks love snuggling underneath during the day. The door is wide enough to carry out the cube though the door so cleaning is still super easy. The lock on the door is secure yet simple enough my mum can open/close it without difficulty. I also like that if we move house it can be reconfigured to go anywhere. Chicks have plenty of space to roam and once we have finished landscaping around the side the green colour will blend in perfectly. I have also added the canvas roof for additional protection during winter.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 Pekin bantams pets

Easy to get up and really good quality. - Jon,

Erected within a few hours between the two of us. Simple to construct so long as you identify each of the different panels properly!

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 pets

Great Addition to my Omlet Set-up - Cassi, Illinois,

I purchased a 9x9 run to give my girls a safe place to roam. They love the extra safe space the get fresh air! It is so nice to be able to walk in and interact with our chickens - and plenty of convenient space to clean up and feed!

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 The reviewer has 8-10 ISAs, Easter Eggers, pets

Gives the chickens space to happily and safely roam in the winter! - Jillian, New Hampshire,

I am so thankful that I purchased the walk-in run and the attachments to connect to my Eglu Cube run. In the warmer months, we could move the chickens around in the Eglu Cube run. (The handles and wheels are SO helpful.) With lots of snow and ice this winter, however, we don't have the luxury of moving them around. Building the walk-in run onto the Eglu Cube run has provided my chickens a huge amount of space to enjoy this winter. I bought the attachments to make it 9 ft wide by 24 ft long by 6ish feet tall. It's wonderful being able to walk around in the space with the chickens and visit with them. We lay down straw in the run to give their feet protection from the snow and ice. (Straw bales are inexpensive at Agway stores.) Best of all, my chickens are happy and safe. One note about safety: Recently a bobcat tried to attack them. Despite throwing his body weight at the walk-in run multiple times, he could not get to them. I am really glad I invested in the walk-in run!

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 Russian Orloffs pets

Silkie Chicken Palace! - Heather,

I've been researching walk in runs for some time after making the decision to give my chickens more space in chicken lockdown and due to ease of cleaning, durability and appearance, I went for an Omlet run. My run is actually a 3 x 2 run as I bought an extension at the same time as the 2x2 that was on sale, at the time. My chickens were originally in a 4 metre classic run, which was ideal in the spring, summer and autumn when they were able to free range, almost all day every day, but now they need to be under cover, practical access for daily cleaning is needed more frequently. I am keeping my Classic run for when I add new additions to my little flock. I love how easy it is access the run with the double stable door, having the choice of just opening the top door to change their food or water for example. My chickens have so much more space than before and when fully covered, the run stays dry and fairly draught free through the winter weather. As well as the covers on the outside, I used some photographic shower curtains hung around the perimeter edges to give a more naturalistic effect and an illusion of a little more space inside whilst bird flu keeps them in their coop. I shall also be adding some more features to their coop in time for more interest, a perch, some logs etc, to keep them occupied. Fabulous product, fairly easy to instruct using the Omlet YouTube videos and always the opportunity to expand it further in time!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 The reviewer has 2-4 Silkie Chickens pets

Love it! - Lucy,

A couple of weeks ago I built our walk in run and so far it’s been fantastic. I decided to buy extension kits so we have ended up with a 2x5 which is a fabulous size. Granted that it’s not the easiest thing to build, especially not in thick mud in the middle of January, but if I can do it singe handedly - anyone can. I definitely recommend watching the video instruction too, I found that made things a lot more straightforward when used alongside the paper ones. The gate works really well, although I’d personally prefer it to be a whole gate, I can see the benefit of having it a barn style. Very happy with my purchase and I’m enjoying furnishing the run for my girls!

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 pets

So Easy and Safe - Lisa, Connecticut,

I am thrilled with my chicken run. I put it together by myself and I feel confident that my hens are safe. I wish there were more clips that hold the mesh panels together but it's really a clever kit overall. It fit together really well with my existing coop. It's great that I can add on as I need to make the run bigger.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 The reviewer has 4-6 Salmon Faverolle, Fa pets

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