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Great end product, requires great determination to assemble - Lindsey, Fife,

The instructions were clear, the video was great, but I think it's time to stop referring the problem with the clips to product design and address the issue. I purchased a 4x3x2m run and comparatively think I did well assembling alone within 9 hours.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 4-6 Bluebell, Blue Egg L pets

Really hard to put together - Jason, Berkshire,

This thing was impossible to put together with the clips that come with it, it doesn’t help that the instructions offer little, if any, actual instruction. After an hour trying to attach 1 set of clips, I almost threw out the entire thing. Thankfully, I’m handy and went to Home Depot for pipe claps (the metal fasteners that screw together to get tighter). Once I had those, putting it together was a breeze!
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Omlet Says: Hi Jason, Thank you for your feedback. It has been passed on to our Product Design team for further investigation. Don't hesitate to look at our instructions videos in complement to the manuals. You can find them at the bottom of the page, under the section 'Assembly videos and and manuals'. If you find the clips a little stiff when you first use them, we would recommend you to put them in warm water before using them. Once placed on your run, they will allow the structure to be sturdy and durable. We hope that this will help, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any further information. Yours, Omlet Customer Service team

Unsure - Angie, Fife,

After spending £700 to comply with Avian Flu rules, I find starlings can ge through the larger mesh on the upper lever, roof and door. It also doesn't seem that strong with the wild windy weather. It has collapsed once already. Omlet kindly sent some replacement fastenings. Now we have to buy netting to stop the starlings getting in. It took far longer than 1.5 hours to erect too.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 8-10 ISA brown, white Sus pets

Secure run Great in Summer, Awful in Winter - Claire, Fife,

I bought the Eglu run to house my hens after having my homemade wooden built run of over 10 years was no longer usuable. I decided after much consideration I would buy an omlet run as they got such good reviews. These runs aren't cheap but hey I'd went ahead and bought one. In April this year it arrived and its been great through the summer, I have had happy hens. Come autumn/winter, not so happy hens. I have spent a fortune on covers to cover the roof and sides to stop the rain from literally flooding them out. I love this run as I know my hens are safe from predators, but it really isn't great for winter usage despite the protective covers I've bought from omlet. Regretting pulling down my wooden run.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 4-6 Ex- batts and bantam pets

not that easy to assemble - Vicky, Fife,

I bought this as it was described as "easy to assemble'. After many days and nights we finally cracked it... Lovely product once assembled but wouldn't buy another!!
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 4-6 Silkies pets

Omlet Says: Hi Vicky, Thank you for your review. We are glad to read that you are satisfied about your chicken run. We are sorry to read about the difficulties that you experienced in order to assemble it. Your feedback has been passed on to our product design team who will have a look at ways of simplifying the instruction manual further. If you have not seen them, don't hesitate to have a look at our YouTube videos demonstrating the assembly of our products, it can be helpful if you are more of a visual person. These videos are available on our website. We stay at your disposal for any further information. Yours, The Omlet Customer Service Team

Less than enamored - Jean, West Sussex,

We've had our chicken walk-in run for 3-4 months and a wind storm with falling branches took out the ceiling portion of our run. Cross wires were broken and bent out of shape, compromising security. I would have expected more durability from this pricey walk-in. I'm too far in with the Eglu products to scrap it and get a sturdy dog kennel. I've also found that squirrels are getting in through the space between the top and bottom gates. I used to be enamored with our system, but I'm seeing the weaknesses of the Eglu products, and less likely to recommend to city dwelling farmers.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 9ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 6-8 production reds, eas pets

Omlet Says: Hi Jean, Oh no! I'm really sorry to hear that. Please feel free to take some photo's of the damage and send this into our customer service team. We would be more than happy to advise you on replacement parts and hopefully we can get your walk in run back in good shape. As you said, the damage will almost certainly compromise the security of your walk in run.

Room for improvement - Helen, West Sussex,

Just a slight update after having the walk in run for a few months; I still love the space and height that this gives our chickens, unfortunately the larger grid size on the run skirt and the upper levels doesn't keep rats out of the run like the runs that come with the cube/classic/go. It's been comedy capers in our garden trying to deter a very intelligent and cunning rat with has taken up residence in our garden. Firstly it was digging through the holes in the skirt to gain access to the run and food, so we bought slabs to cover the skirt which meant that it could enter that way, so then it began climbing to the second level and gained access via the second level. So we bought some netting to put over the next level but this doesn't cover the entire height, just meant the rat has to climb higher to gain access., so we'll need to buy more to cover the whole of the upper tier. We also purchased traps, the snap traps and humane cage traps have been activated, but our resident rat managed to escape both both these so has been given the name not as great as first thought,and the additional expense needed to try and unsuccessfully keep said rat out isn't great either, it maybe an idea to reassess the upper layer and run skirt to keep unwanted rodents out.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 9ft x 6ft

Chickens Love it! ...and so do we. - Helen, West Sussex,

Took a couple of days to assemble and unfortunately we were missing a bag of pole clips (I called to ask if we could have some sent but apparently they've been replaced by cable ties now?) Luckily we had some of our own Cable ties in order to secure the poles, and had to remove a few pole clips that we'd used and try to get an even spread. It seems sturdy enough though. So much easier to clean that the regular sized runs, and great to be able to go and sit with the hens when it's raining after popping a tarp on top to we don't end up with a mud bath. It's great to know that if we go away for a few days we don't need to rely on neighbours to let them free range as they have heaps of space now, and the neighbour just has to change water, feed and collect eggs :) Just wish we'd bought one sooner!
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 9ft x 6ft

Walk in Chicken Run - Jane, North Somerset,

This product is quite and expense to start with but having said that it is well worth the investment. Having previously lost our chickens to the local fox it was necessary to find a super secure home which allowed for space if we were out or away before we could even think about owning more chickens. This walk in run is so easy to put together - it took about 5 hours - and we can now rest assured that It provides a very safe and relaxing environment for our 4 Chooks - they are so happy in their new home and we don't have to worry about their safety. It also looks really nice in the garden - the design is lovely - this run is a must for anyone who wants a safe decent sized run for their egg laying friends.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 6ft x 9ft x 6ft

Good once up - Vicky, North Somerset,

Hens are very pleased but husband is not! Took vastly more than the time stated to put together and clips very fiddly.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 6ft x 9ft x 6ft

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