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2m x 2m walk in chicken enclosure - An Omleteer,

Good quality mesh which is pretty heavy, but may not as tolerant of humid tropical weather. A friend's enclosure has started rusting. The snap clips used for holding the pieces of mesh together are easy to lock but are way too loose to be practical. Required self application of extra cable ties to hold the pieces sturdily together. This is especially if you intend to relocate the enclosure instead of building it onsite. The swing doors and door locks are well designed and smooth. I applied the skirting on the inside of the enclosure instead of the outside due to space constraints. Perhaps this can be included as an option in the installation instructions. I think it works just as well
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 2 x 2 x 2

Verified Purchase: Sep 2021 The reviewer has 6-8 Silkies pets

Omlet Says: Hi SC, Thank you for your feedback. Our runs are being used in countries that can have extreme types of weather, and they were designed to stay sturdy and durable enough in all types of weather. If your friend wishes to contact us, it would be good to try to understand better their specific situation. The clips are also designed to keep the assembly in an optimal form, and they should not be loose once installed. We would recommend you to watch our instruction videos in order to ensure that the clips have been correctly installed. You can find these videos here. Your feedback on the different points has been passed onto our product design team for further investigation. We stay at your disposal for any further information. Yours, Omlet Customer Service Team

6’ Chicken Run - Gigi, Texas,

We have an Eglu coop with older hens. We wanted to get new chicks, so we purchased a new Eglu coop and put the Chicken Run in the middle. We alternate access to the run between the old ladies and young girls.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

Verified Purchase: Sep 2021 The reviewer has 6-8 pets

Great run when up, but fiddly to build - Angie,

We built this with a neighbour helping (3 of us) and found it quite fiddly. It was a cold day and we didn't warm the clips in hot water (we did when we bought the extension kit later!) so they were very hard to clip. We also found later that we had put the bottom panels facing different ways (they are slightly different on each side). It didn't affect the structure. We would have like the various pieces numbered, perhaps with a tag on each, and then the numbers marked out on the picture in the instruction manual. We originally bought a 2 x 2 x 2 but knew when we had more cash we would buy an extension - it is great that you can adapt it as you go. We now have a 3 x 3 x 2 run. Making the run bigger the second time was much quicker, with the clips in a bowl of hot water. As it was a wintery day the warm water helped warm the hands whilst softening the clips - ideal as it was hard to use the clips wearing gloves. The ordering / delivery was excellent - I think we received both orders within 2 days and on the day promised.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 2 x 2 x 2

Verified Purchase: Feb 2020

Looks good - Alison,

I bought my walk in run second-hand. The previous owner supplied all the clips, but told us that she'd resorted to using cable ties instead. As I have arthritis in my hands, I did the same. The clips were too fiddly. My entire run is held together with cable ties, and they work. Once the roof is on, it seems surprisingly stable. Not difficult to put together and it fitted beautifully to my coop. Looking forward to letting the hens out in it tomorrow.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 2 x 2 x 2

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019

Chicken run - Liz,

Delighted with run. Glad I bought a full height one as my girls like resting on the roof of their coop using it as a sun terrace. Also prevents me having to stoop. Yesterday though the latch broke and slipped off in my hand. Awaiting a reply from omlet as to how to rectify this.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 2 x 2 x 2

Verified Purchase: Apr 2019

Walk in run - Sykes,

I have bought the walk in run, but last night the latch fell off so I couldn't lock the bottom door, so I will calling today. But other than that, it is great I love that they have more room plus it is easier to clean as I can stand up in it. I would of given it five stars if the door had not broken.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 2 x 2 x 2

Verified Purchase: Apr 2016

good product - Bernie,

easy but long winded to build.looks great and well made.used black cable ties, rather than clips at final assembly doors just ideal for ease of entry well pleased with this product
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 2 x 2 x 2

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Great Product - Jack, Dorset,

I purchased my walk in run a few months ago and I must say I really like it. Putting it together wasn't the easiest of tasks but I managed and it's given the chickens so much more space. All I have to say is make sure that you build it where you want it to stay because it is really heavy!!
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 2 x 2 x 2

Verified Purchase: Feb 2018