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Verified Reviews for Topology® - Luxury Dog Beds With Customizable Toppers and Feet

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Great product but unfortunately our dog doesn't think so! - Wendy, Lancashire,

Bought this a few weeks ago but our dog just hasn't taken to it - he will literally sleep anywhere but in the new bed. We are trying to encourage him to use it - fingers crossed we are successful.
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Large

Omlet Says: Hi Wendy, Thank you for your comment. Sometimes, dogs may need an acclimatisation period to get used to their new bed. As many of their habits are based on their sense of smell, they may need some time to recognise and accept their new bed. Here are some tips : - Get rid of their old bed - Place some of your clothes or blankets on the new bed. Hopefully this will help your dog to get used to it when recognising familiar smells there. - If your old bed has a removable cover, you could also temporarily place it on the new mattress, and swap it with the new cover once your dog is starting to use his new bed. We hope that some of these ideas will help and don't hesitate to contact us by phone or by email if you have any questions. Yours, Clemence, Omlet Customer Services team

Happy Dog ! - Chris, Aberdeenshire,

Well packaged, intriguing how the parts fit together to make a really robust bed. Looks great, the dog loves it and it stays looking good as nothing moves.
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Medium

The reviewer has 1 pets

Loved the concept, but a bit small! - Amanda, Aberdeenshire,

I loved the idea of this bed and the sustainability and the diversity of toppers, it is quite expensive but the idea it had longevity, easily cleaned and had versatility seemed worth it. I love how you can zip the tops on and it’s very well attached, I know some others didn’t like this but it’s really good. I was however, disappointed with the size. Although I did measure and checked the sizing and weight on the website for my bulldog, it is a bit small for him! Obviously the topper makes it smaller because of the design, but even though he is the appropriate weight it’s just a bit too small and the next size would be way too big for him. He keeps going back and getting in his old bed!????
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Medium

The reviewer has 1 Bulldog pets

Dylan loves his new bed - Steph, Aberdeenshire,

Dylan my lurcher already has a Topology bed in the lounge but I also just bought another one for him to sleep on at night. Probably not very cost effective buying two but they’re very good value and excellent quality for the money; plus I don’t have to keep carrying his first one upstairs every night. He absolutely loves the beds and sleeps really well on them. He has a soft tissue injury at the moment in his front leg but the memory foam helps him get comfortable and stops any stiffness when he gets up. I’ve bought other memory foam beds in the past but the Topology one is by far the nicest looking, best value for money and according to Dylan, the most comfortable. Would definitely recommend this bed.
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Medium

The reviewer has 1 Lurcher pets

Great topper for a great bed! - Angela, East Sussex,

Love the quilted toppers we bought for the mattress. The topper attaches and is removed really easily with the chunky zips and is designed in such a way that the zippers themselves tuck neatly away to keep them protected. Washes up well in the machine and dries quickly. My only gripe is the colour! It shows up the dirt really easily, and even with only a day or two of use it looks I think dirtier than it probably is meaning I’m washing it every few days. I would have liked a choice of colour as I’d definitely buy a darker one! Saying that it looks perfect once washed and thankfully I bought two. Recommended!
Review for: Topology - Quilted Topper - Grey - Large

The reviewer has 1 Wirehaired vizsla pets

Great product! - Angela, Lancashire,

Love the flexibility of choosing the feet and toppers. Our dog Lola loves her new bed and hopped on it happily as soon as it was opened. The cover zips on and off easily, so should it need washing occasionally I think it’ll be super convenient. Topper zips on and off well too. Product seems good quality and I’m sure it’ll last for years. Lola looks very comfortable on it! Highly recommended.
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Large

The reviewer has 1 Wirehaired vizsla pets

Super comfy - Cey, Lancashire,

This is the only dog bed I have bought that my dog will actually sleep on! She loves it!
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Large

The reviewer has 1 Greyhound x Saluki pets

Great dog beds - Alicia, Lancashire,

Our girls love them and the bed look good in our bedroom. Washed them for the first time yesterday. A little tricky to put back on but once I figured it out it was easier. Well made!
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Large

Stylish double bed - Claire, Surrey,

Two dachshunds share the large bed. It looks great, is off the floor and they often prefer it being on the human sofas. So happy we invested in another Omlet product.
Review for: Topology - Bolster Topper - Grey - Large

Great Bed - Wendi, Somerset,

I bought this as I liked the idea of having legs that lift the bed off the floor and it looked great and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint in anyway. My dog Is getting on a bit now and she absolutely loves this bed. Well done Omlet for this fabulous bed
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Small

The reviewer has 1 Minpin/JR pets

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