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Rabbits love it -

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Best Rabbit Hutch -

This is the most well thought out animal enclosure that I have seen. Every pain point I've experienced with other hutches has been addressed. My rabbits are so much happier and healthier since we moved to the omlet rabbit hutch. I have saved heaps on food and litter since making the switch and my animals have a better quality of life. Wish I had purchased the omlet hutch sooner.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Happy Rabbit! -

Jinja Rabbit lives loose in the garden, and had access to a hutch if she wanted to shelter. Typically the wooden hutch was rotting and not very cosy when the weather is bad. Jinja liked to chew it too! She really needed something better as we are having wetter and windier weather nowadays.The Eglu Go hutch is perfect for her to hop in and out of whenever she wants to and she seems to like it, often just sitting in the doorway. The only problem really is that there isn't enough room to put a litter tray in the house if the rabbit uses one.....which she does. The hutch was not too difficult to put together, with the help of the utube video. It would have been easier with 2 people though.The run was a nightmare, and I almost wished I hadn't bought it, as I only really need to shut Jinja in when I go away. The clips are easy to put on, but difficult to get off when you have made a mistake! I couldn't get the hang of the double clips at all! Overall....a great buy and looks good in the garden too

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Great product. -

As we expected the quality of the product is great. The only negative is buying the 3 meter run did add complexity in the installation as there was no clear instructions on installing it and we only worked it out by doing a google search. My recommendation to Omlet is please number each part so that it is clear which part goes ware especially for the run. What was 2 hours took 4 hours due to lack of clear instructions. The rear door does also catch a bit when opening.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Very happy -

Arrived before date first given which was good. Good condition and fairly easy to make up. Very pleased

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Misty and Lola absolutely love it! Very happy bunnies. -

Misty and Lola absolutely love it! Very happy bunnies.

Very stylish but not without its problems... -

As with other reviews, it is certainly quite tricky to build. The instructions are not great and a little imagination is required to assemble the run. The web site photo does not show the run connectors which makes it all look very neat, the reality is that the run is covered in little plastic connectors! The run is permanently attached to the hutch. We had planned to regularly disconnect the run in order to take the hutch to grand parents to look after the rabbit during holidays. This is far from easy. The run being fully enclosed and fox proof is great, but it does make catching your rabbit very difficult! Access to the run through the door is quite limited and hard on the knees! Other than that it looks very stylish and everybody is suitably impressed :-)

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Hutch -

Ordered the ego hutch, as we have had a wodden hutch but both rabbits have chewed through it. It is a great hutch rabbits love it.

Verified Purchase: May 2020

Amazing experience for our bunnies! -

This really has been a boon for the bunnies. A beautiful outside hutch, that they love. It's a great shape, not imposing, easy to put together (without help!) and the kids love getting our bunnies in and out of it and watching them leap around. Next will be tunnels.. they are pricey but an absolutely worthy investment. Thanks Omlet.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020


Our bunnies love this hutch and run. We have connected it to our old hutch with zippi tunnels and doors.(Bunnies absolutely adore the tunnels) My son and I put it together by following a utube tutorial, it took us a couple of hours developing his “man skills;-) along the way. I think it’s value for money considering what we paid for our old double story wooden(chewed) hutch. I was pleased to deal with Omlet as they answered any queries I had and were very prompt with delivery. I feel I can trust them, which is an important consideration when buying online. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their company and product or to buy from them again. In fact, look out for my next order of wheels and more tunnels :-)

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

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