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- West Glamorgan,

Excellent product & great service

Eglu hutch & run -

This took us a while to assemble, a you tube video really helped!but was worth every minute, my bunny can hop about & stand up in the run whatever the weather outside as its covered. The Eglu itself is so quick & easy to clean & great that I can shut my bunny in at night when it's really cold & it seems so snug

Good but needs some refinement -

We bought 2 of these, one for a rabbit and one for a guinea pig. These runs look really nice and generally feel sturdy but there are some issues. The water bottles leak inside the box and over the day, will empty themselves. It’s also difficult to get the rabbit out of the cage part of the run. I also begrudge paying £20 delivery on a £700+ order.

Eglu Rabbit House -

My rabbits love their Eglu! I had a wooden hutch inside a wire enclosure and everything was fine. Then I got a second bunny. This one likes to chew EVERYTHING! He chewed the entire window out of the wooden hutch. There was no place for them to get out of the wind! This Eglu was the answer to all my problems! He can NOT chew it! Omlet saved the day! Thank you!

Awesome -

I absolutely love our Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch. We have 2 rabbits in it and they have a lot of room to run, hop, jump and play. The run is so strong, and the plastic is high quality. The Eglu hutch is way better than our old wooden one. I would definitely recommend it for anyone getting rabbits or guinea pigs.

Terrific -

Really pleased with the look and quality of the product. It’s not difficult to assemble but it did take me an afternoon to complete. Easy to maintain and cleaning a breeze. The only issues I’ve had have been the water bottles, I’ve had 2 now, one split and the other leaks water out. Overall, a well deserved 5 star rating!

Amazing hutch - Lancashire,

This hutch is an amazing hutch, with the great handing opening door at the front making it easy to add treats, toys or even a rabbit into the cage.The easy access door at the back makes it easy to add food, treats etc and makes it very easy to clean out (especially with the pull out bedding tray) Mt rabbits stormy and otty love this omlet go so much. One slight problem though- this is that the cover has broken and it is so annoying as its coming into the winter know and my rabbits need it. Its a shame rally as it was brand new and only lasted a few months. my chicken omlet go cover has lasted years but not the rabbits. A part form that its fantastic.

Omlet Says: Hello Zena, Thank you for your lovely review. I am glad that you are enjoying your rabbit hutch. We will get in touch with you regarding the broken cover.

Rabbit hutch -

Easy to clean Angora rabbits love running around. I have 2 of the hutches since my rabbits are practicing abstinence. This morning a bear tried to get into the hutch. Damaged but still ok. I also have a chicken cube. I now have an urban farm with Eglu all over it!


It took a while to put together, which we expected. But it was worth it. Love the colour and the design - so much easier to clean than the 'Classic'. I can highly recommend the Eglus - our old Classic lasted 12 years, and had housed 2 pairs of rabbits. Yes, they are not cheap, but they are so much better than wooden hutches.

Amazing product! Our rabbits love it! -

We bought our eglu go rabbit hutch earlier this year for our two rabbits. It has been wonderful and given them a great more natural life outside in the garden. The anti-tunnel base means we know they are safe inside and the insulated skin has kept them warm through the horrible rain and cold, but also remained cool during the heatwave this summer. The eglu is so easy to clean - we use the Jet washer and it takes literally seconds! Wonderful product and I would definitely recommend!

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