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Amazing product! Our rabbits love it! -

We bought our eglu go rabbit hutch earlier this year for our two rabbits. It has been wonderful and given them a great more natural life outside in the garden. The anti-tunnel base means we know they are safe inside and the insulated skin has kept them warm through the horrible rain and cold, but also remained cool during the heatwave this summer. The eglu is so easy to clean - we use the Jet washer and it takes literally seconds! Wonderful product and I would definitely recommend!

❤️ Fantastic Hutch ❤️ - Gloucestershire,

Wow! What an amazing hutch! Was worried about the cleanliness of getting rabbits, however, came across this online, and knew it would be perfect. I love the colour and the 2m run is a great addition to allowing the rabbits to have their freedom from a traditional cage. The underfloor mesh is fantastic and it was really easy, although a little time consuming to put together. The rabbits look at home in this and spend a lot of time in the run, and make the most of the bedding space. It looks great in the garden and allows the rabbits to have access to the grass daily, when they are in their cage. Within a week of having the hutch and rabbits, the confidence they have developed is amazing. They love the safety of the cage and always head back to it when spooked whilst running in the garden. Would highly recommend, exceptionally easy to clean. Great products to go with it!

Love it -

I do wish the it came with extra clips when I move it often they slip off. My babies love it!


Our rabbits are so much happier in the larger run. It would be good if the doors had a child proof lock on them

Eglu rabbit Hutch with 2m run - great quality hutch -

I bought this for my two mini lop bunnies & they love it

Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 2 metre run -

Love it! Easy to put together but time consuming, especially the run when you don’t have really flat ground. Easy to clean and the bunnies love it.

Wonderful -

We have had a rabbit eglu for well over ten years, we love it, so does the rabbit who lives in it - he was a house rabbit in Dubai with my daughter, and flew back and now lives in luxury in the Eglu in our garden. Our daughter lives in a flat so the rabbit was rehomed with us. Luckily we had kept the Eglu, so much better than a wooden hutch

Eglu Go + English Angora -

My English Angora (Angus) has been in his Eglu Go hutch and run for a couple of months now. It’s a big upgrade from the standard timber hutch and run I purchased a year ago when I got him. I fill the hutch with hay, and have found cleaning it so much easier than the old hutch. Although it seems a little flimsy at first, I’ve found it’s pretty sturdy and I am able to manovour the hutch and run around the yard on my own. The height inside the run is good and fits a timber box and fabric tunnel with room to spare. I have built an extra run that joins where the side door is and attach this during the day. Of a night I bought a heavy duty tarp and some shade cloth to protect against the elements and mosquitoes. While a lot of Angora owners keep their bunnies indoors, Angus is pretty cheeky and loves to explore, and the Go hutch has kept him warm and dry (so his wool is always in pretty good condition). If you have the $$$ then I would definitely recommend the Go hutch over any of the timber or metal products - especially for Aussie conditions.

Happy! -

I am pleased with this product, it is well built, well designed and easy to put together. I find the sun shade a good idea to keep my bunnies cooler during the hot weather. My only negative is that the water bottle supplied was broken on delivery.

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review Kate. We will send you a new water bottle today to replace the broken one. Sorry about this. The Omlet team

Excellent hutch and run -

This is a great product and our rabbits seem very happy with the extra run space and weather proof hutch. The construction was really easy thanks to the youtube video which walks you through every step really clearly and in detail. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because the straw basket was constructed back to front and I had to do some extra DIY to take it apart and put it back together the correct way and the water bottle screw top split after only a month which meant we have had to buy a new water bottle already.

Omlet Says: Hi Paul, Great to hear that you love the product. Sorry to hear that you had issues with the hay rack and water bottle, if you had got in touch we would have replaced them :) Thanks, Lara @ Omlet

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