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Happy bunny -

This is a neat and stylish solution for backyard bunny accommodation. Room to be out and about on grass, to stand and hop, with a cosy weatherproof hutch. The rain/shade cover is a welcome inclusion. Took longer than estimated to assemble the hutch but I am very pleased with the finished product. In my area the run has to be mosquito-proof so I have another step to go to cover it with fly wire. A comment on your packaging: we don't have curbside polystyrene recycling and many manufacturers have moved to cardboard padding instead which is sustainable and biodegradable. It would be great for the environment if you stop using polystyrene packaging. Also - there were two instruction booklets in the boxes - one of which made no mention of the centre run poles which I had to retrofit at the end when I realised.

Omlet Says: Thanks for the feedback on the instructions and polystyrene, we will look into it.

Good -

We love it The only problem putting it up was clicking the run into the top of the eglu. Also our pets have tunnelled out twice despite the skirt so I will have to order the floor!

Great for my bunny -

Great hutch for my rabbit Brian as he fights with other rabbits he has to be kept alone this allows me to give him lots of attention . The only reason I gave it 4 stars is the tray is stained with uric acid which is impossible to remove .Don't go for a wooden hutch the eglu is more expensive but well worth it!!!

Well thought out -

Our two rabbits are delighted with their new home, they feel secure and because the Omlet hutch and run can be easily moved, they constantly have fresh grass underneath their run. Only criticism is that the ground wire under the run that stops the rabbits from burrowing out could be a bit larger so it could be tied together with the run then the whole thing could be moved as one.

Rabbit hutch -

Great product rabbits love it

Good hutch. -

Easy to build. Easy to clean out. Tougher than the wooden hutches we've had in the past. Well worth the extra expense.

Bun-tastic! -

Being a cat owner it was important that our buns were able to be outdoors as much as they want but stay protected from the neighbourhood cats. After a lot of research we purchased the go hutch and 2m run with a heavy duty cover and the insulation pack back in October. Our pesky bunnies like to do their business just outside the door to the hutch so after a phone call to a very lovely omlet lady I ordered an extra door panel and a 1m extension to give our buns some extra room. It was a bit of a faff taking most of it apart to add the extra pieces and it would be nice to have had the anti-tunnel mesh as an option when purchasing the extension but totally worth it to give our rescue buns the extra room. it is now too big to move around the garden but they don't seem to mind as we let part of the garden grow wild so we can cut the long grass for them. Yes, it is expensive and I'd say definitely worth it to keep our bunnies safe, happy and healthy!

well worth it! -

The hutch itself is pretty easy to put together, though i had to enlist my dad''s help to tighten the screws on the skid bar. The instructions said 90 minutes for both hutch and run. Err, it took me and my dad 3 and a half hours! The run is a long laborious task, and putting the two together is a tricky 2 man job, but once up, just watching my baby bunnies running around it like things possessed, leaping and twisting in the air - all the pain was forgotten. They absolutely love it, and spend most of the day and night out in the run! As yet they haven't used the hutch as a toilet at all, preferring to use the corners of the run. Can't work out if this is a good or bad thing, as the its good for the cleanliness of the hutch, but bad for the garden! Never mind, I'm not protective about the grass, and they love it, it just means that it has to be moved around a lot, and it's very heavy! All said and done, I would definitely recommend these, as they look great, should last longer than wooden ones, and they provide a more natural habitat for the bunnies, and as long as they're happy, I'm happy.

Love our Rabbit Hutch! -

The rabbits are so happy in it. We live out in the country with 2 dogs and they are very safe. It is easy to move and to clean. Love it! Would love to get the chicken ones for my chickens! Thank you

Rabbit loves it! -

Finally got it up and running, lovely gentleman did it for us .....decided to put the metal around the hutch as we felt it was to hard for the rabbit to run on ...would be good to have an entrance on the roof ....but my daughter thinks itis great and so does the rabbit

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