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Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch -

Very pleased with the hutch, easy to assemble, sturdy and well designed. The only improvement I can think of is some form window to allow a little light in when all closed up, a light well of some sort?

Verified Purchase: Dec 2015

Overall great. -

Does the job we wanted as easy to clean and fox safe. It was tricky to assemble and also hard to get rabbits out if they decide not to co-operate. The run is low so you can't reach them within it. We try to entice them into the igloo bit with a treat and then lock them in there .. can then get them out the back easily

Verified Purchase: Sep 2016

I love it and so do my guineas -

I have two guineas and a rabbit, in winter I have to put them away at night get them out in the morning and if it is horrible weather I leave them in the shed, poor things. Not now ! Cosy and able to get out when they want. Its easy to assemble and most important keep clean, looks good and I know my critters like it because they stay in it even when they can run around the garden. I am going to get a chicken one next.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2015


Our bunnies are the luckiest, cosiest bunnies tucked up in their Omlet. I cannot praise this product enough. Bunnies are safe, secure and happy. It is easy to open/close and simple to clean. We adore it!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2017

A new Spanish home -

We bought the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch for my 3 bunnies because we are moving to Spain and needed something quick and easy to house them in when we get there. We have introduced them to it before the move and they get to spend a few hours out in the Eglu Hutch and run almost every day while our dogs are confined indoors. The bunnies absolutely love it, they obviously feel safe and can enjoy a different view to their normal view from the two storey hutch and run at the side of the house. The problem is trying to get them out of the Eglu run when I need to put them back in their night time hutch. I end up having to take the top off and climb in myself to catch my playful bunnies. Not sure if there would be a way to rectify this problem while still keeping it as secure as it can be.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2018

Great, keeping my indoor rabbit warm - Kent,

I decided to buy this for my indoor rabbit as he was outgrowing his indoor cage. This is great, he really enjoys being outside, plenty of room to run around. Keeps him warm at night inside too

Verified Purchase: Jul 2015

fantastic products and company -

we have 5 of these products now...1 for chickens, 1 for quails, 1 for guinea pigs, 1 for hares and now one for ducks!! I can't praise the products enough. Hardwiring, good looking,extremely practical, safe etc... Omlet as a company are fantastic, very fast efficient service, great customer services. I highly recommend them

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

First class product -

A well designed and manufactured product, that is easy to clean and provides excellent accommodation for your rabbits

Verified Purchase: Feb 2015

Five star thank you - Oxfordshire,

A five star thank you for your patient, efficient service, for which I am more than grateful. I was very anxious before getting the hutch, mainly because I could not visualise how big it really is, but you were always willing to listen and reassure me and indeed to help me make the right for me choice, so a big thank you for that. And a second thank you as I ordered a superfluous floor for the hutch, not aware that it comes with one. But you collected it and refunded me in the time it takes the bunny to hop at speed down her two metre run! Very efficient and much appreciated. And a third thank you, but not last in priority for the hutch and run themselves. The person putting them together for me said "the rolls Royce of hutches, then" and I thoroughly agree. Peace of mind and ease of maintenance for me and comfort and security for the rabbit.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2016

LOVE! - Suffolk,

We love our Eglu Go Hutch but would love it even more if it had a carry handle, it would just make it much easier to lift even a short distance!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2016

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