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Verified Reviews for Zippi Rabbit Runs and Playpens

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Zippi rabbit run - Rachel, West Sussex,

I have 4 pet rabbits that live in 2 pairs. I was expecting it to be a lot bigger and its not really fit for the purpose I had in mind which was a run for 2 of the rabbits to go in at a time for exercise to save my garden from destruction. Instead it be an add on to one of the hutches & I will still need to let the rabbits out loose on the garden on a regular basis in order to give them enough exercise. However , it is well built and the cover is very useful for protection . I will probably buy another one for the other hutch . Wish I'd just spent more money on a bigger one in the first place . For other customers with only one rabbit this will be ideal & I can't fault the workmanship that's gone into it .
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Run with Roof and Underfloor Mesh - Double Height

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

A little let down! - Linda, Oxon,

When I purchased this, I thought the floor came with it. Since it did not, I had to create a bottom for it. I contacted customer service when I received the product and explained that I thought the pictures and videos were misleading. I find the clips hard to get on and not especially tight. All in all, it will get the job done for the quail I am raising.
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Run with Roof and Skirt - Double Height

The reviewer has 8-10 Coturnix Quail pets

good product but needs a lid/roof - Alex, Warwick,

Simple and easy to put together. Rabbits love running through the Zippi tunnel and into the pen. It does need a lid/roof otherwise the rabbits can jump over the walls. Our rabbits are Netherland Dwarfs.
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Playpen Basic - Single Height

Ok, but not as easy to extend as description suggests - James, London,

The playpen is ok, does the job, but once our bunnies grew a little (6 months old) they started jumping out and we found out that, this cannot easily be extended, as suggested in the description. Sure you can by more panels and make the area bigger, possibly even add a roof, but you cannot easily extend it upwards. So if you expect to have bunnies than can jump a little best avoid this in favour of the taller version.
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Playpen Starter Pack - Single Height