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Weight: 5.985 kg

Height: 20 cm

Width: 61 cm

Length: 63 cm

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Designed for maximum comfort and space -

Most Avians will not readily accept a cage for immediate exploration and will feel frightened and will crouch in the corner of a square shaped cage. The GEODESIC SHAPE CAGE has no square corners for your Avian to hide from, making your Avian feel free to wander without fear of being trapped. Avians will love the openness and space to explore!

Love the design and the birdies love it too - Connecticut,

Just rehoused my two budgies in their new omlet home. The assembly wasnt as complicated as I first thought. Its a genius design the best cage so far in all aspects. Thank you!

Fantastic Cage -

Received this cage and was very surprised how nice and study it is! My Parakeet just loves his cage he had no trouble finding the feeder he went into the bath the same day! Took awhile for me to put the cage together, watched the video which was very helpful. Thank you for a great product.

Cool -


fantastic playground for baby Pippin -

Hello from across the ocean! I'm so glad I found this beautiful cage for our baby parakeet. I've had parakeets all my life, but have never had a cage my parakeet could fly in. Baby Pippin is four months old and settling in nicely to his spacious home. He loves swinging and climbing and flying. Thanks for the thoughtful designs that takes birds' physical and mental needs in mind!