Chickens For Sale

Chickens For Sale

Please note: All animals listed here are for collection only. They cannot be delivered by the seller or by Omlet. Once you have purchased the Chickens you will be emailed the seller's contact details.

Show Quality Serama Roosters and Hens

Description: We have show quality seramas for sale. All of our seramas are great lines and would make excellent show birds. We breed seramas in an assortment of colors. No two look alike! They are all sweet and very personable. If you just want them for pets, then they would be great for that too! We breed smooth and frizzle feathered seramas. Our breeders are all A and B sizes. We do ship seramas for an extra fee to the 48 contingent states. For more information, more pictures, and for our current sales list, go to our website:

Hatching Eggs From Black Jersey Giants, Wyandotes, Leghorn

Description: Black Jersey Giant, silver laced wyandotte & white leghorn in one flock that are laying daily. Though fertile, I do not guarantee the gene pool or the eggs to hatch due to possible shipping or incubation complications. Hatching eggs are $5 each with shipping additional at the going USPS flat rate. Your eggs are carefully packed to prevent breakage. You will have to pay to shipping for replacements, but your replacement egg will be at no charge. Minimum order is 8 eggs and you get 2 bonus eggs in your parcel to cover the possibility of breakage of 1 or 2 eggs during initial shipment. More replacements will require that you pay for shipping. No shipping to CA or HI. Any questions, please ask!

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