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Chickens For Sale

Chickens For Sale

Please note: All animals listed here are for collection only. They cannot be delivered by the seller or by Omlet. Once you have purchased the Chickens you will be emailed the seller's contact details.

Frizzle Bantam Satin and Cochin Fertilized Eggs and Chicks

  • Breed: Cochin
  • Age: 3 Weeks
  • Seller: Kendra
  • Seller Rating: No reviews yet
  • Location: West Sacramento Show on a map

Description: Eggs sell for $2 and can be received within 2 to 3 days throughout the US from $10 to $20 in shipping. The chicks are pickup only and will need to be purchased in a group of 3. The photo is of dad (Sizzle Satin) watching over his flock (Blue and Lemon Blue Cochins).