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Hello! I am located in Illinois and I have a small flock of chickens that I am raising for eating and hatching eggs. I hope to expand my flock in 2020 and incorporate some Blue Jersey Giant stock and some White Jersey Giants that I will be able to sell hatching eggs for later as well. Meanwhile, I have 5 Black Jersey Giant hens, 3 Black Jersey Giant roosters, 3 silver laced wyandotte hens and a pair of white leghorns that are laying daily that I am offering the eggs for eating and hatching. At this present time, I do not guarantee the eggs to hatch due to possible shipping complications, or of what gene pool they will be since all the chicken breeds I have are in the same pen. Hatching eggs currently are for sale at $5 each for this barnyard mix. The eggs should arrive to you though, intact and unbroken as we carefully pack them to prevent breakage. You will have to pay shipping for replacements, but your replacement egg will be at no charge. Once I am no longer raising the wyandottes or leghorns the flock will be purebred Jersey Giant Chickens of the three colors they come in and my prices will reflect that change in the future going up to $7@. The three Jersey Giant colors will be run together so there will be no choice of color later on. Since the price of postage fluctuates I charge what the going rate is for the flat rate USPS shipping at the priority rate and the eggs are priced separately per egg as mentioned. I do not ship outside of the USA and do not ship to California and Hawaii. Minimum order is 6 eggs and for every of 6 you get 2 bonus eggs. My offer subject to change based on availability Should you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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