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Cream legbar cross marans pullets

  • Breed:
  • Age: 18 Weeks

Description: Unfortunately the only decent photo of one of these birds involves a fencing pole lying on the ground behind her. I promise it isn't actually going through her head although it appears so in the picture! These two are not pure breed cream legbars but the result of a cream legbar mother and a cuckoo marans father. In my experience this cross lays a green or olive egg and generally has a calmer temperament than a pure breed cream legbar. I just have two of these for sale. Like all my birds they were outdoor reared (under netting to protect them from wild birds) from 5 weeks and have withstood snow rain hail and sub-zero temperatures. Now eating layers pellets and expected to begin laying eggs quite soon. I am in the Forest of Dean, West Gloucestershire. I also have, for the same price and at the same age, a number of Polish Green Legged Partridge chickens (zielononozka kuropatwiana) but Omlet has no breed listing for those. Still rare in the UK, good layers, friendly, pretty.

Cuckoo marans pullets

  • Breed: Marans
  • Age: 18 Weeks

Description: I have for sale a number of cuckoo marans pullets. They are £25 each and the minimum purchase is two birds for welfare reasons. This is quite a good price for pure breed marans and I do not breed enough to do any 'bulk purchase' deals. They are home bred from my own pure bred birds in order to produce a good dark brown egg. They are now point of lay. Many commercially reared birds have never been outdoors until you get them but mine are always raised outdoors from 5 weeks (under nets) so are tough enough to withstand rain, hail, snow and sub-zero temperatures. I also have two cream legbar marans crosses (green eggs) and Polish green legged partridge chickens but Omlet does not provide a breed list for those. Please email before buying to ensure that I still have them before you part with any cash. I would also prefer that you see them before you buy.

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