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Hello, my name is Rachel and I have many years of poultry experience as I was brought up on a smallholding. Four years ago my husband and I realised our dream to build our own house and aim at a more sustainable lifestyle. My interest in chickens escalated and the four hybrid chickens we kept in the back garden at our previous house multiplied and turned into a chicken keeping business.

I love keeping chickens and other forms of poultry and sharing my passion with anyone who wants to listen. Chickens are very endearing and make lovely pets and all have their own individual characters.

We now raise lots of different breeds of chicken and really enjoy meeting people and helping them to find a chicken set up which will work for them. We can show you pure breeds and hybrids, bantams and large fowl, blue egg layers and brown egg layers, all of which have been chosen to be suitable for keeping in a domestic setting. We aim to have many of these available for sale but do have a waiting list for some breeds so contact me if you have a specific requirement.

We have a chicken keeping shop on the smallholding selling everything that a chicken could ever need. We are Omlet stockists and have Eglu Go’s, Eglu Cubes, Boughton house, Lenham house, fencing and many accessories in stock. However the main aim of this course is to pass on my passion for poultry and to give you the knowledge to become a good chicken keeper and there is absolutely no pressure to buy anything.

Our chickens give us hours of amusement with their antics. There isn’t a question about chickens which I haven’t answered. I do understand that some people are nervous around birds so I won’t force you to do something you are uncomfortable with.

 You can see our website www.bankviewfarm.co.uk for more information about us.


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