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1 have been crazy about chickens ever since September 2008. I now have 1 eglu,1 cube, 3 ex battery hens,  and 1 orpington  plus a baby Orpington .. . I am really keen to share my experiences with anyone who is thinking about getting hens, new hen keepers or just anyone who is enthusiastic & wants to come & share with me. I love baking & are really proud of my fabulous eggs & are looking forward to meeting new people to sample my home produced goodies. My chickens are used to children & dogs & are very friendly. I am  looking forward to welcoming you to my chicken world! Stop Press,  Petunia has her baby chick who is now quite big.  . Bilbo the orphan puppy  and the new puppy Bambi might make an appearance.  We will be using the conservatory for the course after I have shown you my cube and eglu and discussed  their maintenance. The hens are allowed in there and love to join in the party.


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