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In 2008 I attended the local Agricultural College Bee Husbandry Course for 20 weeks covering both theory and practical beekeeping during my course I researched the history of beehives in use in the UK and across Europe and I am very excited to help new beekeepers with the Beehaus which is the first major new hive design in over fifty years and has been developed to provide your bees with a safe, modern home in which to live, it makes beekeeping straightforward and fun. I am a [b]Registered Member of the British Beekeepers Association [/b]and also a trainer so have the knowledge and skills to help you. I've been keeping bees for a year and have enjoyed every minute of it. I work full time and mostly spend an hour or two at the weekends making sure my bees are in good shape. My family has been involved with animal husbandry for generations including cattle, pigs turkeys and poultry, I had my own flock of chickens at age 17 and have breed and shown Norfolk Grey Chickens in the past. I am a Vice President of the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association and prize-winning member of the local Horticultural Society. I was pleased to discover from my father that my Grandfather kept bees in the 1930's, 40's and 50's so I have revived a family craft after 50 years, his hives were made from old wooden packing cases and fruit boxes I wish I could show him the Beehaus - he would be impressed!


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