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Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

Dog poop pick up is no fancy affair, but with an Omlet dog poop bag dispenser you can add more flair to the task. As pet parents ourselves, we know picking up after your pup is a messy business. So we questioned how we could make scooping poop a little less dirty. Introducing designer dog poop bag dispensers! Now you and your dog will look more stylish when nature calls.

Smell the roses, not the poop

Let’s face it - poop happens. But, at Omlet, we’re here to help! We took the same 8 limited edition, signature designs of our Dog Walk Collection and made stylish dog poop bag dispensers that match. With easy to attach clips, you can give your dog something to really get excited about the next time you go on a walk.

3 reasons your dog needs an Omlet dog poop bag dispenser

  1. Designer: Choose from one of the 8 limited edition designs of the Dog Walk Collection and style your dog in a signature print that matches their style and their dog bed.
  2. Sustainable: Made from a unique blend of vegan apple leather and recycled bottle fabric, the Omlet dog poop bag dispenser is durable to hold multiple bags.
  3. Multiple sizes: Create a dog walk style all your own! With easy to attach clips, you can secure the dispenser to your matching designer dog leash.

Creating designer canines

Accessories make everything better - especially dog walks! The walks we take with our beloved companions was the inspiration behind the limited edition Dog Walk Collection. We wanted these signature designs to carry over not just on their bed, but on every walk they take. Give your dog a signature style all of their own by matching their dog poop bag dispenser with a designer dog collar and dog leash in the same print or pattern. Choose one of the 8 exclusive Dog Walk Collection designs and get your dog styled and ready for their next dog walk.

Connecting people and pets in style

As ideators and designers of the dog world, our mission is simple - create products that are beautifully and sustainably made to bring you closer to your dog. With the signature designs in our Dog Walk Collection, we pushed the boundaries of the standard dog bed to create patterns and prints that are personal and meaningful. Our designer dog poop bag dispenser collection is a perfect extension of these designs as they bring that signature print of your favorite dog walk onto every road you travel and every poop you pick up.