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Rocky, 20 December 2021

Is your beehaus beehive coming to america

Lindy, 18 August 2021

Do you have any native bee's for sale and if yes how much please. Thank you Lindy

George, 4 April 2021

Absolutely informative,very interesting and I look forward to joining a worthwhile source of key information

Lucy, 10 May 2020

I’ve set up my beehaus and put in some swarm attractant on Friday. I went to check it today. No swarm, but 20 dead bees inside. What am I doing wrong please?

Jill, 21 March 2020

Do you anticipate having your beehaus available in the US in the future?

Tracy, 15 May 2019

Thanks Charlie for getting back in touch. Really did appreciate the help. I will be getting in touch with the bbka .

Jacob, 14 April 2019

In a new published article for sientifics, beekeeping can cause a problem for the biodiversity. They checked a nature reserve on Tenerife before and when and after imkers were invited to bring in bee colonies. It shows that honeybees can cause a decline in wild species that normally pollinate the flowers. When you have specific species of flowers/trees it appeared that there was less pollination. So keep in mind that if you live near a nature reserve your bees can cause a diversity problem. Away from that;,, if you live near a LARGE heatherfield or a lot of orchards, oil seed rape fields etc. etc. Work and enjoy away. BEES ARE FUN TO WORK WITH. but be careful, they can sting if you need to check them. Make slow movements, use smoke but not to much (it can cause damage to the bees if you use to much smoke/just a few puffs are enough)

Shamim, 2 March 2019

Is beehaus available in Australia?

Cherry, 6 December 2017

Pictures 5 and 9 would make lovely wall art!

Stephen, 30 May 2013

Lovely picture of a solitary bee(4th photo) As well as twenty or so hives here with honey bees, I've seen thirty species of solitary bee in my garden. But the solitary bees wouldn't like the hive much.

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