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Health Care

Hamsters are generally healthy and robust, but like any creature they can fall ill occasionally. In this section of the guide we offer advice on different aspects of hamster health, from simple home health checks to trips to the vet.

hamster health
Keeping your hamster in good condition is pretty straightforward - but keep the vet's details handy!

On the following pages you'll find good advice, along with a list of the more common hamster illnesses. This list can be used as a reference to help you familiarize yourself with key disease symptoms, but, note, it is not an exhaustive list. Always have your vet's number handy, in case the hamster needs swift, professional attention.

It's worth repeating - If you’re unsure what the problem might be, or not certain you’ve made the right diagnosis, call the vet to help and/or put your mind at ease.

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