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Hamster Housing

A hamster's enclosure is central to its wellbeing. A good cage will result in a happy, healthy hamster; a bad one... well, you don't want to go there. The cage's size, shape, and accessories are all important.

Hamsters need a stimulating environment. The enclosure needs to be suitably large for them to exercise and explore, too. The Qute range, for example, is perfect. Owners of single hamsters need to provide a complex, interesting environment that is capable of exercising their pet’s mind as well as its body.

a safe cage is essential
A hamster needs a safe, comfortable home of sufficient size

A hamster enclosure needs to be big enough to house whichever pet (or pets) you choose. A cage intended for a dwarf variety of hamster may not be suitable for a Syrian hamster. The exercise wheel needs to be the right size too, or your hamster will not physically be able to use it.

This section of our Hamster Guide includes all the info you need on hamster housing issues, such as placing your hamster cage to hamster-proofing areas of your home.

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