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Feeding Your Hamster

It's always great fun watching hamsters feed. Their instinct is to cram their huge cheek pouches full, and then rush to unload them in their nest, or other favorite snacking place.

Providing them with all the nutrition they need is very simple, but there are still things about your pet’s diet that all responsible owners need to know - including what not to feed them!

feeding your hamster
Hamsters love an interesting, varied diet

This dietary section of our Hamster Guide contains all the advice you need on how to feed your pet, from daily requirements to occasional treats and supplements. You'll also find a Hamster Food List to give you an at-a-glance idea of the different foods your pet will thrive on, as well as advice on diets, portion sizes, and nutritional requirements.

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Hamster eating food out of hand


An Omleteer, 11 April 2023

I just got a hamster. Should I leave him alone for 2-3 days? A video said to

Rosalind, 18 April 2020

Hi I have 2 female fancy hamster. I was wondering if they can eat cooked vegetable or do I give them raw? and can they eat frozen veg but thaw out?