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Monitoring Health

Monitoring your hamster’s general wellbeing every day will pay dividends if he ever becomes ill. Having cast a critical eye on him every day, any change in his behavior or appearance will be instantly noticeable, and you'll be able to act swiftly to tackle the issue.

You need to keep an eye on your hamster (and the state of his enclosure) every day, and take him out of his cage for a swift but thorough hand examination each week. As far as the hamster is concerned, this will simply be part of your regular playtime together.

health check
Checking your hamster's health regularly helps you spot problems as soon as they occur

After the first few days you'll be used to your hamster's normal behavior. You'll therefore spot when anything is out of the ordinary. For example, if he seems more lethargic than usual, or if he is limping or breathing more heavily than normal, there is probably an underlying health problem. Once you notice things that are out of the ordinary, take it as your cue to investigate further, and always remember that all roads of hamster heath enquiry end with the vet. Best not to take any chances.

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