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Raised Dog Beds

Take your dog’s bed to the next level, in both style, comfort and hygiene with a set of feet for their new Bolster or Topology Dog Bed designed by Omlet. Not only does this improve airflow around your dog, but also drastically reduces the amount of dust and debris that gathers in and around your dog’s bed. Give your dog quality sleep with a raised dog bed!

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Topology Luxury Dog Bed With Customisable Toppers and Feet
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Memory Foam Bolster Dog Beds - Find Your Match From 15 Amazing Colors

Why buy a raised dog bed designed by Omlet

At Omlet, we believe that where a dog sleeps is more important than sleep itself. And comfort and hygiene are just as important as style! That is why we created the exclusive raised dog bed design to not only give your dog the ultimate comfort in slumber and support, but keep them healthy and clean as well. Through personal experience with our own dogs, we identified a need and created a solution that would improve both function and style with a raised dog bed.