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Things You Should Know Before Keeping Chickens


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What will be covered:

  • Before You Even Start - Local Laws

  • Choosing the Right Breeds

  • Proper Brooding Setup

  • Coop Size

  • Predator Protection

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Benefits of Raising Poultry

  • Educational Resources/Wrapping up

About the Host

Woman next to the eglu cube chicken coop

Jess Nestor has been an employee with Meyer Hatchery for 4 years and has a plethora of chicken keeping advice!

Jess has been an invaluable and creative part of the Meyer Hatchery team for 4 years. Though Jess started on the Customer Service Team in 2017, she quickly found a passion for video and has become the driving force behind Meyer’s YouTube channel. Jess has a talent for visually connecting with and educating customers, which has led to the exponential growth of the channel. While Jess is full of big and innovative ideas, her flock of chickens is mostly comprised of bantam chickens which she raises in her Omlet Eglu Cube Coop as well as ducks and quail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Before You Even Start - Local Laws
2. Proper Brooding Setup
3. Coop Size
4. Predator Protection
5. Health and Nutrition
6. Benefits of Raising Chickens
7. Wrapping Up/Educational Resources
Yes, everyone who has registered for the webinar will be sent a replay link 24 hours after the event.
Yes, everyone who has registered for the webinar will be sent a promo code after the event, as well as a reminder 72 hours before the promo code expires.
As this will be a pre-recorded event the chat function will be turned off. However, you can email your questions to or look out for the Youtube video posted on Meyer Hatchery's Youtube channel here and submit your questions in the comments.