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Omlet offers portable chicken coops that can be moved around your yard by just one person with ease. The same zero-maintenance, expertly designed chicken coops by Omlet have a flexible side. Gone are the days of regretting your hens’ house placement. Imagine not having to dread the finality of deciding where to put your flock’s home.
Eglu pro extra large chicken coop for up to 15 hens
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Eglu Cube large chicken coop for up to 10 hens
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Eglu Go Up chicken coop by Omlet
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Eglu Go chicken coop by Omlet
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Portability for every flock

Flocks of all sizes can enjoy the flexibility of a portable chicken coop. Our chicken coops can be moved quickly and easily through the use of integrated handles and wheels. Let your hens forage through fresh grass, find new insects, and enjoy shady areas when you engage the wheels and pull them to their new location.

3 reasons to buy a portable chicken coop from Omlet

  • Easily relocate your flock in a portable chicken coop in search of fresh grass, shelter from the elements, or to change up the look of your yard
  • Zero-maintenance, easy to clean moveable chicken coops that last a lifetime
  • Freedom of portability for both you and your flock

Create the ultimate space for your flock – wherever they are

We’ve laid the proverbial foundation for successful flock raising, but we didn’t stop at making it a strictly permanent structure. In addition to the ability to move, our large chicken coops can be customized with accessories to add even more enrichment.

Chicken keeping expertise at the highest level

At Omlet, we relentlessly pursue solutions to the questions we constantly raise. The craftsmanship in our hen houses is a culmination of our findings, and the results are extraordinary. Enjoy chicken keeping the Omlet way: stress-free in any space and with any level of experience.