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Verified Reviews for Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch

Fab rabbit home
Chose this over a wooden hutch like we have previously had. So much more secure and the rabbit loves the run attached. I also needed to call customer services once after delivery and so helpful.
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 6ft Run Package - Leaf Green
The reviewer has 1 Mini Lop pets
Saved my rabbit
This house saved my rabbit from a neighborhood dog attack. I'm glad I invested in a solidly built hutch for my kids pet. He is safe because of it.
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 13ft Run Package - Leaf Green
The reviewer has 1 Dutch pets
Works well for kids who need to move and clean it!
Danielle, Maryland,
This works REALLY well for kids to clean and care for their pets. My son, 11, is able to move the hutch and run on his own, and he moved his rabbit daily. Our rabbit has much more space this way and she loves sitting in the sunshine and eating fresh grass. The hutch is easy to clean and rinse out if needed, but the best part is that we can close the rabbit easily in the run while my son cleans the hutch- no escaping animals! Tip: Do not feed your rabbit in the hutch initially. Feed in the run portion until your rabbit establishes a potty zone inside the run. Once the rabbit has an established spot to use the bathroom, you can do whatever. This will cut down on how much cleaning you need to do by a LOT. Our rabbit doesn't soil the bedding inside the hutch and my son moves the run/hutch daily using the wheels and handles kit. She gets fresh grass, she mows our lawn, and the poop fertilizes the lawn (although I need to rake it out because there's usually piles in one spot in the winter when we aren't mowing). The lock on the back works, but you need to make sure the door is properly in the "hinge" and that the knob is turned. I'm tempted to get a secondary child proofing lock to install to make double sure, but we usually recognize the issue immediately if it's not on properly and fix it.
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 13ft Run Package - Leaf Green
The reviewer has 1 American Blue Rabbit pets
Great design
Robin, Washington,
Very happy with our new rabbit hutch and run. We live in the PNW and have a fair amount of rain/moisture which can be hard on small wooden features like a rabbit hutch. The material and design check all our boxes for efficiency and safety. Well done! We look forward to expanding on this system in the future.
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 6ft Run Package - Leaf Green
The reviewer has 1 Silver Fox pets
Christmas present - time will tell...
SUMMARY Great product so far, and time will tell. We have 1 female rabbit and bought the 2m run with hutch, tunnel, wheels and handle. We intend to attach the Omlet run to our existing non-Omlet run. OUR RABBIT REQUIREMENTS We live in Canberra, Australia. I wanted a rabbit hutch where our bunny would be safe and not bored. Safe from predators (snakes, foxes and feral cats) and from escaping (our Angora is a committed Houdini!), but also from mosquitoes and from the 40 degree heat in summer and the below zero temps in winter. I think the 2m run + hutch delivers on the predator and escape artistry side of things. I'm not sure it will deliver on keeping her cool during summer though, we'll definitely not be able to leave her in the hutch overnight - she will over heat for sure. I'm absolutely sure she will need to continue to be brought inside before sunset to protect her from disease carrying mosquitoes - something I had hoped we wouldn't need to do. Perhaps there is an opportunity here for Omlet to design wire/aluminium mosquito netting to install to the runs - I'll leave this idea with your design team. This kind of design spec/accessory would certainly add another star to my rating! ASSEMBLY I would recommend watching the assembly videos first before attempting to assemble your rabbit run. The hutch is fairly straight forward with guidance from the paper manual only. The run is more complex and complicated. For example, I didn't watch the video so when it came to adding the end section I found my sides didn't match the bottom so I couldn't install my triangle sections. This meant I had to fix every single side connection to move the bottom section. This meant it took me 2 whole days to assemble! Very frustrating! Had I watched the assembly video first and then used the manual, things would've been so much easier and quicker. DURABILITY With the Australian climate (heat, sun etc.) it will be interesting to see how long the plastic hutch and run connections last before they succumb to brittleness and break down. Lucky for us, we don't really need to worry about rust, but I would think anyone more coastal would need to consider this. Is the wire run made of galvanised wire? It is coated, but is it galvanised? TUNNEL I've yet to assemble and attach the tunnel to our run and existing rabbit enclosure. I have watched the assembly video first this time and glad I did. I was keen to understand how I attached the tunnel to the run and to my existing non-Omlet enclosure. I couldn't find any information about specific parts to purchase to attach the Omlet tunnel to the non-Omlet enclosure, thinking there would be. On watching the video I now realise I have to cut a square in 1 of the Omlet run panels and in my non-Omlet enclosure panels. While this is not a problem, it is quite frustrating the lengths I had to go to to find this information. Had I known/discovered/researched this when first ordering my Omlet hutch, run and tunnel, I probably would have added an extra 2 run panels to my first order! Now I have to either make do or order them separately and be up for double shipping costs. This is quite annoying. It would be a point of difference for you to clearly outline your products are modular and can be adapted easily to pair with non-Omlet products with simple advice on what is needed to help with the adaptions. I have had to look at various images uploaded by other customers to come up with my own design and figure out what parts and accessories I need - some I'll now have to order from Omlet and some I'll have to buy from my local hardware store - perhaps another opportunity for accessories.
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 13ft Run Package - Leaf Green
The reviewer has 1 Long hair Angora rab pets
Nice product
Im satisfied w the rabbit hutch. Only improvement (as it’s expensive) would be better instructions for the extension portion. And, better quality hardware.
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 9 ft Run Package - Leaf Green
The reviewer has 2-4 pets
Fantastic Hutch
Clear assembly instructions (it recommended two people but I managed on my own) and super happy bunnies. I feel very secure with the fully meshed run, which fits snuggly into a very secure hutch! Brilliant purchase (also only takes me 5 mins to clean out - bonus!)
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 6ft Run Package - Leaf Green
The reviewer has 2-4 Mini loos pets
Great design
Colleen, WA,
This is a great little hutch for rabbits and was fairly easy to out together, the rabbits seem to like it.
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch - Leaf Green (No Run)
The reviewer has 2-4 Mini lops and a dwar pets
Go green for rabbits
Linda, VIC,
I had another person put the Eglu Hutch for me as I have no head for these things but many people would be able to do it. My rabbits love this product it is so strong nothing will go wrong so do yourself a favour & buy this as I have no regrets Just put hay food water & your bunnies will feel comfortable as its very warm inside. Weather wise great for winter or summer even inside your house no problem
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch - Leaf Green (No Run)
Fluff loves it
Laura, Lincolnshire,
I built this on my own so it took longer than the average time but I did it, I am not a DIY type of person either. I would definitely recommend the extra person if you have the chance. The whole thing is a lot larger than I expected which was a pleasant surprise, I will definitely be getting the wheels as it just won't be movable on my own otherwise One recommendation though, if your going to use the security brackets then don't leave that until last as I have been struggling with that
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 13ft Run Package - Leaf Green
The reviewer has 1 pets
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