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Verified Reviews for Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Wheel Set

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Foot pedal change - Sue,

It seems the design of this has changed and there is no return on the foot pedal making it awkward to push down and, unless you have a hard soled pair of shoes on, is hard and sharp. Otherwise, the set, once you have engaged the pedals in the slots, makes life so much easier for wheeling the Go Up around

The girls love it! - Joanne,

Just upgraded my Go to a Go Up. Decided to add the wheels just in case I need to move the run on my own. Unlikely to need to do this very often, just gives me the additional flexibility. Quite expensive though for what they are.

Excellent product - Jenni,

My original wheel set arrived damaged and the customer service I recieved was fantastic. They arranged straight away for a replacement set. The wheels make it so easy to move the run around the garden as I keep my chickens on the grass and move them every couple of days. Very easy on my bad back.

Great to move around - Kelvin,

Once you get used to the order of bringing the wheels up to move, it is a joy to have the ability to move the Eglu around with ease.

Ready to go! - Paul,

Makes moving the coop and run VERY easy.

Excellent addition - Diane,

Really makes the whole run very easy to move around. I have the extra 1m extension on the run, and can still move it by myself. Well made.

Good product - Ian,

Easy to erect. Baby bantams love it. What more can I say!

Brilliant - Jackie,

We have had our Eglu Go Up for four weeks now and we are very impressed with it. The chicken house itself is so easy to keep clean and the run is so easy to move with the wheels which means that our small lawn can easily be kept clean. The chickens are laying very well and have become friendly and tame. We let them out in the garden while we are at home. Some of our more tender plants have suffered a bit but we can cope with that as we are getting so much enjoyment out of the chickens. They are real characters.

Moving made easy - Trudi,

Having the wheels has made moving the coop around the garden a one woman job, so simple and straight forward.

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