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Amazing bed for freestyle cat tree
Isabell, New York,
As with every new freestyle cat tree product, we of course got the nest cat bed. It is an absolute hit with our 4 cats. In fact, since they don’t all fit in together, we will get a second one to avoid them fighting over it. Highly recommending the bed and if you haven’t gotten the freestyle cat tree yet, please do! It’s the best cat tree there is!
Review for: Freestyle Nest Cat Bed - Catnip Grey
The reviewer has 2-4 Cat pets
We like it
We have 3 cats and we have had traditional cat trees they get messy and take up a lot of space. This does not and it is easy cleaning. I will replace all the cat trees with this tree eventually. It took us a long time to build it so it’s a project. We have the outdoor cat cage and we love that too. Tree is a bit wobbly but I think that is by design. Overall cats like it and it it way better than the old cat trees.
Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Scratching Rope Kit for Vertical Pole - Sisal
The reviewer has 2-4 Do not know pets
I thoroughly recommend them
My boys really enjoy using these products, they are high quality and I thoroughly recommend them. The fabric is very attractive and looks good with the green of the Omlet Cat Run, it also blends beautifully with my garden setting. The fabric is hard wearing yet soft enough to be comfortable and I am sure it is going to look good for a long time.
Review for: Freestyle Cat Tipi - Secret Garden
Verified Omlet Product Tester The reviewer has 2-4 pets
Quality cat tree looks great
My kitten had a lot of fun testing out the cat tree once installed which took a few hours to put together but was quite easy once I put together the poles and first ramp.
Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Hammock Platform with Bracket and Hammock - Bamboo
The reviewer has 1 Domestic Short Hair pets
Full Freestyle cat tree setup
Dave, VIC,
Purchased a twin pole setup where the cats can cross from one to the other, have their own space and feel like they’re climbing like natural to them. It’s been AMAZING. They’re on it all the time, it looks fantastic in my lounge and it’s rock-solid quality. Absolutely recommend
Review for: Indoor Freestyle Cat Tree - Vertical Pole Kit - 2.15m to 2.6m
The reviewer has 10+ pets
The Explorer Kit
I purchased the explorer kit plus a den a few months ago. Had to wait quite a while for delivery but it was well worth the wait. It’s well made and of good sturdy solid construction. My cats are absolutely loving it.
Review for: Freestyle - The Explorer Kit - 7 ft to 8 ft. 6.3 in.
The reviewer has 2-4 2 x Devon rex cats, pets
Sally, vic,
Both my boys love the new addition.
Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Felt Den for Platform - Grey
The reviewer has 2-4 Siberian pets
Best thing I've bought for the cats!
Ordered a freestyle indoor tree with additional hammock and platform last year for my cats. Both are indoor and I wanted something to provide climbing and height for them as a result. Found this company, and after deliberating the cost decided to go ahead. Turns out best money I could have spent on them. Top quality product and amazing customer service from the Omlet team who went above and beyond to sort any issue I had. The cats absolutely adore it and spend most of their time in the hammock, arguing over who gets the penthouse suite! Highly recommend these trees and components. It might seem expensive but the quality is so good and sturdy, and the enjoyment the cats get from it is priceless.
Review for: Freestyle - The Top Cat Kit - 7ft. to 8ft. 6.3 in.
The reviewer has 2-4 Tabbies pets
Best thing I have bought for my cats
Sarah, Cheshire,
Bought one tree a year ago and my cats love it so much I have bought a second tree for upstairs. I have a cat friendly dog but the tree enables the cats to feel very secure and express their natural behaviours.
Review for: Indoor Freestyle Cat Tree - Vertical Pole Kit - 2.6m to 3.05m
The reviewer has 2-4 Moggies pets
They fight to get it first…
Leslie, New York,
My two cats finish breakfast and head out to the catio, both trying to get the hammock first. Whoever gets it tends to stay put for hours. Thought it looked a bit strange but they tell me it’s dope.
Review for: Freestyle Cat Tree - Hammock for Platform - Grey
The reviewer has 2-4 Domestic shorthair s pets
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