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Verified Reviews for Geo Bird Bath

Fabulous bird bath!
Gucci my canary uses his bath every day. He loves to splash around whilst looking at himself in the half hexagon mirror. Well worth buying.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 pets
Best ever
An Omleteer, Georgia,
I just bought the geo cage and putting it together was a challenge but I’m elderly and my dexterity is not what it used to be. This cage is the best cage I’ve ever owned and my budgie loved it instantly. There is zero seed mess now. It stays in the feeder bottom. My bird seems to utilize the entire cage and loves flying back and forth between the swinging perches. She has also used the bird bath immediately. Get this cage it is worth every penny.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 Budgie pets
Mess free and beautiful
An Omleteer,
I have had an Omlet cube for approximately 14 years now and also the walk in run which actually houses two coops, both going strong and look as good as the day they were assembled. Needless to say when my sons ‘came home’ with a kakariki parakeet I was straight onto Omlet and found the Geo cage (what’s not to love!) which I ordered ( gold bars and cream base) Easy to assemble all you need is a phillips screwdriver and a bit of patience, make sure all pieces are facing inwards with the bars just like the top handle piece with the Omlet name on, also the smaller pentagons are for near the top of the cage and larger hexagons for the bottom two layers and the very top 5. The bird went straight in after I put its old cage door next to the new opening and found the food and water feeders east to use pretty much straight away It has more space as this shape is bigger than you think no tight unusable corners. Haven’t cleaned out yet but the Omlet vid makes it look easy enough. Love it and so does Dave
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 Kakariki pets
Well designed & loved
Our budgie loves his new bath. Good Quality & fits neatly on the side of the cage. Very sturdy.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 Green spangled pets
Fantastic Design in a cage
Easy to clean, looks very smart in the Living Room. Plenty of flying room for Georgie . Love the star cover for night time & the easy water & seed feeder.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 Green spangle budgie pets
Gorgeous cage and my canary loves it!
I scoured the web for weeks looking for a cage that would allow some flight space for my beloved canary, while also looking visually pleasing in my house. I finally settled on this cage, and I’m so glad that I did! I bought the teal base plus gold cage with long stand. I’m not exaggerating, every single visitor I’ve had over in the last 8 months had commented on how cool this cage looks. Everyone loves it. But most importantly, my canary LOVES it. He flys around in it, takes several baths a day, gives tons of kisses to his reflection in the mirror, and sings all day. I can tell he’s happy. It’s easy to clean. At first I wasn’t sure about the plastic parts on the cage, but my bird bathes and splashes so much, I’m thankful for the plastic now because it doesn’t rust and cleans easily. Also, I unscrew the cage from the stand daily to carry the cage outside to give my bird some time outside. It’s very easy and a great design. I highly recommend this cage, along with the stand, mirror, bath and nighttime cover. It will look amazing in your home and your small bird will love it.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 Canary pets
The best cage
I have two parrotlets and two budgies and have been through lots of cages (they need three altogether as parrotlets can be aggressive and have to be housed separately). I purchased an omlet cage with stand and accessories for one of the parrotlets mostly as I present to myself because it’s so aesthetically beautiful. I wasn’t too happy with fiddliness of assembly and also wasn’t sold on the small size of the doors at first (though we’ve adjusted since). But I immediately loved how easy it is to keep the cage clean and how little spillage there is (once the bird discovered the central food and water containers and I was able to remove all other bowls). He seems to really like the cage and especially enjoys the swings. Anyway, it wasn’t long till I bought another set up for my budgies. It was much easier building the second cage. These really are fantastic, well-designed cages. They’re sturdy and a breeze to clean. Probably only a matter of time till I get a third omlet cage for our other parrotlet.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 2-4 Parrotlets and budgi pets
Perfect cage for new owners
Ashley, Arkansas,
I just brought home my first budgie and bought this cage based on a YouTuber’s rec. This cage is perfect for a new owner getting to know a new bird. The cage allows easy access to all areas for in cage target and hand training. My budgie moves around using the entire space and seems quite happy. The feeder design is amazing… husks are mostly contained within the bottom tray and my bird loves to walk “the circle” to visit each water and seed slot.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 Parakeet pets
Awesome cage I absolutely adore and so does my Lovebird!!!
I bought this cage a couple months ago and I absolutely love it! It has an amazing amount of space, it was super easy to put together! Not to mention how many super cute colors you can choose from to not only match your style but your bird as well! And one thing that I love the most is the feeder because it has a little compartment below it to catch all your birds crumbs from their food! It is definitely a must have on your wish list!!! I highly recommend! Lots of love -Mya& Bruno!
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 Lovebird pets
Simply Amazing.
Brooklyn, Ohio,
So I ordered this cage Wednesday morning and it was set up in my living room by Friday afternoon. SERIOUSLY fast shipping time. Everything is so well organized in the box that it really makes set up a breeze. I was a little worried about the size but it is bigger than it looks and my two budgies fit fine. They adapted almost instantly to their new environment! I would really love to see some more bird accessories from omlet. Maybe some perches that fit to the cage and it’s design? Overall very satisfied with my purchase the cage is absolutely stunning!
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 2-4 Budgies pets
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