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We've found our forever cage...
Our 2, four year old male budgies have a new lease of life in this stylish abode! This cage has brought out behaviours in our budgies that we've never seen before. Our boys have never been 'floor' birds but their new morning and evening routine is to dance and prance around at the bottom of the cage, kicking up sand as they go! We wondered how long it would it take for the budgies to crack the feeder but we needn't have worried- they got in it under a day and, yes, the feeder does what it says on the tin, it catches all the husks! As for assembling the cage, we were a bit cautious at first but we took our time and followed the helpful YouTube assembly video and we soon got into the swing of things! Easy when you know how! After the cage, the stand was a piece of cake and the two together would look stylish and modern in any room! Even the packaging was a pleasure! The cover is just adorable, what can more you say? We're so pleased because our budgie boys are so happy!
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and White
Geo bird cage
Helen, North Humberside,
Recently purchased the geo bird cage for our 2 new budgies and really impressed with it. Was a bit worried about putting it together as it looked very complicated but was easier than expected once we started doing it. Everything about the cage is very stylish and a real feature in the room. The budgies seem to love it. A great mess free cage with the unique food and water tray. The budgies took a little while to locate the food but now have no problems. We also purchased the cage liners, bath and perches and are very happy with them all.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and White
This was like putting a puzzle together, it was well organized and easy to understand. I love it, the design keeps my floor clean and makes it easy to super easy to clean. It’s also gorgeous
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and White
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