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Geo Bird Cage - Cream and White

by Omlet

(27 reviews)

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 5.985 kg

Height: 19 cm

Width: 59 cm

Length: 59 cm

Product SKU: 22968

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Latest Product Reviews For Geo Bird Cage - Cream and White

Amazing - Josi,

Best cage I ever had and will ever have!

The reviewer has 2-4 Parakeet pets

Really cute cute, a little bit hard to clean but so much better than most bird cages! - Helena, LONDON,

I’ve had this cage for a while now and it’s been pretty great. However I may be changing it for a different cage due to the mess my bird makes. Pros: - Unique and attractive design, choice of matching colours etc - Good amount of space for side-to side flight for bird - Very good quality of perches, bath and feeding/water accessories - Easy unlocking mechanism for floor of cage to clean - Customer service has been amazing when I needed to replace something (I accidentally cracked a food dispenser) Cons — (My bird is a pacific parrotlet and therefore probably way more messy than most birds… and boisterous, she’s a bit of a pain) - Food debris/feathers and such is able to fall over the sides - especially if food dishes are anywhere near the sides. this is a problem it’s all cages really unless you have the whole thing covered by netting. - The supplied cage floor paper covers are not very useful? It’s just a donut paper thing. I used them for a while but they didn’t really do anything and it was just a bit difficult to try and pour the floor contents into a bin. Again my bird is untidy but it could be better if something covered the whole of the cage bottom (I’m using a plastic bag that I fold into the middle and throw away when cleaning the cage). - While the shape is nice, if you put literally any toys in the cage it really restricts the space and there isn’t a huge variation of how you can put the perches. - Again, shape it cute but then practically for small flats/spaces it’s a bit awkward. Personally I think if there was larger/more fitted floor covers and maybe some kind of raised plastic guard going around the bottom of the cage then that would make my life a lot easier.

The reviewer has 1 Pacific parrotlet pets

Omlet Says: Hi Helena, Thank you for your detailed review. We are always looking to improve our products so your feedback has been recorded and it will be taken it in account for future improvements. Yours, The Omlet Customer Services team

Conversation piece - Donna, Alberta,

Birds love the space and i love the look.

The reviewer has 2-4 Parakeets pets

Needs bottom fencing - Megan, Hawaii,

I love the design of the cage and it fits in beautifully with the rest of our home. My biggest problem is that it doesn't have the metal fencing at the floor of the cage, as other generic cages do, to keep the birds from constantly stepping in their own poop. Even if I stayed home from work and cleaned the floor of the cage every hour, it would still have poop in it (I have 2 birds). My birds step in it and sometimes even try to eat their poop - really bad for my baby lovebird. If Omlet came out with an add on to place at the bottom creating a barrier between the floor and where birds walk, I would DEFINITELY buy it and have no complaints. I see some people fill their cages with sand, but even then I'd imagine it gets full of poop extremely often. I hope that Omlet's design team sees this review and comes out with a bottom piece, as I've seen them be very interactive with commenters!

The reviewer has 2-4 Lovebird pets

Omlet Says: Hi Megan, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I have passed your review to our Product Design team. We are indeed always open to improvements so your feedback is precious to us! They will review it, we will get back to you if they have any further questions. We stay at your disposal for any question or query. Kind Regards, Omlet Customer Services team

Beautiful cage - Gwen,

I’m super happy with this cage and my birds are enjoying the extra space. I also love the feeder and waterer.

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