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Verified Reviews for Fido Studio Dog Crate by Omlet

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Tray is a perfect fit, lightweight, good quality
I'm glad I bought the Fido Studio 36 tray instead of trying to find a similar sized generic one at the pet store. The Fido Studio version is, of course, a perfect fit, and it turns out that's more important than I thought because if the size was a bit too small it would slide around and bang on the sides whenever the pup stands up and shifts position. It's a lot more lightweight than other crate trays I've had in the past, but I'm VERY happy with the low price and I'm sure the lightweight factor accounts for that. I stuck some rubber feet "bumpon" bumpers to the bottom so it wouldn't make noise when the dog moves. And I also think it would be better if they shipped it in a rectangular box instead of the envelope style cardboard slip it came in, because it was smooshed in transit and had bent parts. But they popped back into place and just left a little white bend line, no big deal. Purely cosmetic. But a box with sides would probably help avoid that if the mail people stack stuff on top of it. All said, it's still 5 stars. The whole Fido Studio 36 system is fantastic.
Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate with Closet - White
The reviewer has 1 Mix pets
Great easy to set up crate - medium
We bought this for our staffy puppy, set up in minutes and puppy is happy in there, easy to open doors, nice tray easy to remove if needed, check out the photo!
Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate with Closet - White
The reviewer has 1 Staffy pets
Modern Dog Crate
Beth, California,
We love this dog crate. It's not an eye sore, and everyone that comes over comments that it looks really nice. Would definitely recommend for anyone that wants more of an accent piece than a bulky crate.
Review for: Fido Studio 36 Dog Crate - White
Great Crate!
Was looking for something more “design forward” for my doggie Georgia and came across the Fido. Love it’s modern, modular design. Wasn’t to hard to put together and if you’ve ever put together Ilea then you should be fine. Would love this in actual real wood finish.
Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate - White
The reviewer has 1 Chihuahua pets
Very considered design
Buying our first puppy we were drawn to the appearance of the Omlet crate as a permanent addition to our kitchen, avoiding the traditional 'cage' that so many owners choose. With clear instructions and excellent build quality, the only issues that I had were with the asymmetric side (which limits the configuration of the large hinged door, due to the locking arrangement) and the comedy of climbing into the cage to fix the retainers to the cage - hopefully we'll only have do that once!! Otherwise very simple to construct and very sturdy - I'm sure puppy will love it!
Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate - White
The reviewer has 1 Cocker Spaniel pets
Omlet Crate
Emmie, California,
I wish you could give more than 5 stars sometimes! The video that accompanies the instructions is SO accurate and easy to follow, the crate itself was easy to build AND it’s gorgeous. My dog really likes it too :)
Review for: Fido Studio 36 Dog Crate - White
The reviewer has 1 pets
The perfect crate!
My dog absolutely loves going into his Fido crate! There's plenty of room in the compartments to store all his stuff and it fits right in with the rest of the furniture too!
Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate with Closet - White
The reviewer has 1 Terrier cross pets
Lovely unit - would be even nice with back wall!
This is a really good product and feels very safe, secure and solid once you have put it together. We have two dogs and so needed to get them a bigger crate for their comfort, they both absolutely love it now, to the point we think we may have been squashing them into their old one! Two comments, we are using the our TV stand and I think for that purpose it would definitely be useful of Omlet sold these units with the option of a back wood panel instead of the back crate panel, it would be a good deal more attractive and we wouldn't need to be worried about the wires from the TV etc. The second comment is that the wood isn't overly consistent with other Walnuts we have in the house. Small comments though, it is a fantastic product.
Review for: Fido Studio 36 Dog Crate - Walnut
The reviewer has 2-4 Cavachon pets
Great Dog Crate
Bought this crate in white a few weeks a go and both my dogs love it! It looks like part of the furniture. Product arrived well packaged and is easy to assemble. Feels sturdy when assembled and great quality for the price.
Review for: Fido Studio 36 Dog Crate - White
The reviewer has 2-4 Sprocker pets
Elizabeth, Pennsylvania,
I spent a long time searching for a furniture like crate that also looked more modern than traditional. Stumbled across Omlet crates and looked to be perfect. We have two dogs, one is much larger than the other, so I was a bit worried that our 80lb chunker might be too big. They arrived and I got one assembled (easy!) and the dogs couldn't wait to try it out, had to close the door to keep them out til the other was assembled. . The crate with closet and the additional crate are a perfect solution to our problem and everyone fits and loves them.
Review for: Fido Studio 36 Dog Crate with Closet - Walnut
The reviewer has 2-4 Pit bull/Stafforshir pets
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