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nice customer service, fast delivery and great quality
Sienna, NSW,
I ordered a crate, a tray and a bed for my 8week old fur baby, i am so happy that this became her very first private space. Easy to assemble, great quality, even though i put this crate in the room right next to my bed, doesn't look bad at all. It looks like part of furniture(yes, actually it's furniture!) I can even use it as a bed side table! When I contacted to customer service, they answered me fast and clear. Since the tray has been delayed to be shipped, they sent me other items first, and it was very fast. Reasonable shipping cost for sure. My puppy and I are so happy with their products, I will def try other products they have as well. x
Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate with Closet - White
The reviewer has 1 maltese pets
sturdy and Nice looking
It was fairly easy to put together. As a 53 year old woman. I was able to do it by myself. I have 2 pitbulls. 1 needing crating, the other doesn't. The dog in the crate is comfortable, the dog outside the crate sometimes wants the chew toy that is in the crate with the other dog. I come home and the crate will have been moved across the room. But no harm to the crate or the dog in it! No animal has figured out how to open it yet either!
Review for: Fido Studio 36 Dog Crate - Walnut
The reviewer has 1 Pit bull pets
Good quality product
Sydney, Essex,
Looks nice as furniture, as well as being strong and well made. Puppy feels more secure due to solid roof and side.
Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate - White
The reviewer has 1 pets
Excellent Product
I bought the second Fido studio 24” to attach to the existing one I have that has the wardrobe also. My old dog Simba came to live with me & I had to find a spot for him to sleep as he was used to sleeping in a crate. I can Up with the idea of attaching a Second crate to the wardrobe on the left side. This is the end result & it looks amazing!
Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate - White
The reviewer has 2-4 Pomeranian and Pugal pets
Perfect in every way
My girls now sleep all night long thanks to their gorgeous new dog rooms. Each cage is solid, spacious, well ventilated and secure. My dogs have plenty of room to stretch out, curl up, stand up, turn around and sleep soundly. The structure and cages were simple to put together, look awesome, are functional and the doors easy to open and close. The attachable wardrobe is awesome to keep their leads, brushes and snacks close by.
Review for: Fido Studio 36 Dog Crate with Closet - White
The reviewer has 2-4 2 pets
Would have been great if it didn’t arrive with scratches.
Hannah, Michigan,
I really love the look of this crate. It’s perfect as an end table, fairly sturdy, and enough room for my dog. On hard wood floors, it does slide a little bit. I think it would do better on carpet or with some kind of silicone/grippy feet. Also, I wish the door was one of those “slide aside” ones because leaving it open in my small space means I bump into a lot. The tray was out of stock when I purchased but I was able to find one that fit on Amazon (Midwest brand 24in crate pan). It was annoying to put together, but I was able to build it myself and I’m not super handy. My only real issue is that the wood pieces arrived with scratches and I have been trying to contact customer service via email for over a month with no response. I had never heard of this company so was hesitant to purchase, especially because shipping was expensive. While I think it looks nice, I’m disappointed with the customer service and that it arrived with defects.
Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate Walnut
The reviewer has 1 Havanese pets
Very smart piece of furniture
A dog crate that is a useful piece of furniture and looks good in the living room. My dog is happy with it too.
Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate Walnut
The reviewer has 1 colliechi pets
I purchased the walnut crate and not only is it perfect for my pup; it’s BEAUTIFUL!!! (And sturdy!!! I have a Boxer!) Thank you, Omlet!!!!
Review for: Fido Studio 36 Dog Crate - Walnut
The reviewer has 1 Boxer pets
Love it!
Remy, New York,
I bought this for my new rescue and it's great because it doubles as a side table in my tiny NY apt. My god loves it too.
Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate - White
The reviewer has 1 Chihuahua mix pets
Easy Build!
Christy, California,
I just put together the 36 inch Nook, unfortunately I didn’t have room for the closet part, but this product is amazing. I’ve built a lot of furniture and this was one of the easiest to build (50ish female). I was able to put it together on my own and it is very sturdy. I recommend getting the tray and the Omlet bed, it fits perfectly and looks so comfy! Time will tell on how it holds up with my little doggy, but from the looks of the materials and how well it’s built, I expect it to last!
Review for: Fido Studio 36 Dog Crate - Walnut
The reviewer has 1 pets
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