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Customer Images - Zippi Guinea Pig Tunnel System - 1 to 29 of 107

Hutch to run connector
Connecting corridor quail pen to enclosure
Easy installation, works great
We can easily overcome a height difference of approx. 1 m with 4 tunnels.
Parallel tunnels
Nutmeg sitting in tunnel entrance.
Rocky and sarih love the tunnel from the stable to the outdoor enclosure
Moppl and his Zippi tunnel
In this i and the guinea pigs are very satisfied. a real quality recommendation
Hutch to run
Smooky loves being able to come and Go as he pleases
The adventures begin …
Loving her tunnel in the heat!
Our guinea pig home with tunnel from their shed to outdoor enclosure.
The tunnel can also be used as a toy inside the enclosure
Our rabbits can Go out in the garden without danger even in our absence
Observation post
Spoiled guinea pigs live here!
Henri on the way into the tunnel
The tunnels are perfect for cooling off on a hot day, says the elf!
The enclosure blends into the background!
I want the same human-sized playground
Nice solid tunnel.
Tunnel Zippi connection large pen and wooden hutch
The count-ren.
Pluto’s close up
Honey’s first time through the tunnel
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