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Verified Reviews for Zippi Rabbit Run with Roof and Skirt - Double Height

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Bunnies live the space! - Tereza, Wiltshire,

So happy with this run! My 3 bunnies love the space that they have access to all day. I added the extensions to it and it’s perfect. I was able to put most of it together myself which is great as a single parent 😊

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Very Sturdy Run - Amy, New York,

I love this run! It was easy to put together and easy to pull over my lawn if I need to move it. Sturdy wire so that predators can't get at my juvenile chicks that use the run during the day while I'm at work.

The reviewer has 2-4 Americauna Chicks pets

Secure - Claire, Cornwall,

I chose this run as we have a lot of birds of prey in our area and I wanted to keep our bunnies safe whilst giving them outside space. The run is secure and my bunnies love it. I’m looking for seed to extending it and adding a platform as they grow bigger. I’ve already recommended to our neighbour who is looking to replace a wooden run that rotted.

The reviewer has 2-4 Mini lop x lion head pets

A little let down! - Linda,

When I purchased this, I thought the floor came with it. Since it did not, I had to create a bottom for it. I contacted customer service when I received the product and explained that I thought the pictures and videos were misleading. I find the clips hard to get on and not especially tight. All in all, it will get the job done for the quail I am raising.

The reviewer has 8-10 Coturnix Quail pets

Fab rabbit run - Kevin, Aberdeenshire,

I bought this a few months ago and our rabbit loves it. The Zippi run is really good quality and I love how it can be arranged in so many different ways. The other benefit is that there are so many extras and extensions that you can buy to customise it just the way you like.

The reviewer has 1 Dwarf Lop (very big pets

Great run for my bunnies to jump about in - Claire,

We bought a Zippi run to replace a good locally made wooden run for our bunny, so the run already had a high bar to reach. I’m pleased to say, this run didn’t disappoint. The extra height meant my bunny now had the space to jump on top of boxes and a little house, as well as hide beneath it. The skirt and mesh used also is such good quality it gave me a lot more confidence to leave him in the run while I went to work. We actually got a second rabbit to bond with the first and bought another one of these, standing them next to each other. This meant not only could both bunnies exercise but they could sit alongside each other and lick each other through the bars before their introduction. They are now bonded!

Wish we had invested sooner! - Becca,

Purchased the run with 2 tunnels to fit to our existing enclosure. Our rabbits love it so much! It has been lovely to watch them having the freedom to graze at will and binkies are now a daily occurrence! We pretty much immediately ordered a further 2 tunnels, and may still invest in more. Easy to move to fresh grass and reconfigure (best acheived with 2 people). We may never need to mow our lawn again! The standard run itself is a bit on the small size so if it is your only run I'd consider investing in an extension pack, but the tunnel length gives extra exercise space. Setup was a little time consuming due to the modular design but easy enough to put together single handed. Our garden is frequently visited by foxes so the additional security of the skirt, roof, ground pegs & tunnel door give much needed peace of mind.

Brilliant run, absolutely love it - Claire,

I recently bought this to replace a low level wooden run that was a nightmare to get my bunny out of and to clean so was rarely used. This is fabulous, I love the locks so you can open sections as you like. I have a door and part of the roof opens so access is a dream. Rupert loves it. I chose the double height as he likes climbing on his hide and zooming about. He is using it so much more. I also bought some heavy duty covers to give him a shaded area and they are wonderful quality and do the job well.

Good value for money - Nichola,

We’ve had wooden runs before and they simply haven’t lasted, this looks like it will last a look longer. It was easy to assemble and is sturdy enough once fully built. I did not pay close enough attention to the picture showing the dimensions and hadn’t realised the dimensions shown included the skirt so I was disappointed on the size front but that’s my own fault. We opted for the double height because the single height is most definitely not tall enough for a rabbit. Getting in and out isn’t easy so catching the rabbits is a bit of a hassle and there’s no way my husband would be able to get in. We did however buy this run as a stop gap with the intention to increase the size and add a connector tunnel to the rabbits shed at a later date and for this reason I think the run is very good value for money

Gives more space - Sue,

My house and run combo are linked by tunnels to this run, to give my buns a bit more space. I am going to buy the extending panels though as it is still not that big an area. My rabbits much prefer having the run with skirt and being on the grass, rather than the underfloor mesh in the run. Be warned this is not quick to put together - loads of small pieces that have to be clipped together with small plastic clips. It is more sturdy than you think it is going to be, but I still like to put it near a wall where it can't be knocked over. Having the pre-cut door for adding a tunnel is a big relief as cutting the mesh of the run was a nightmare.