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Chicken Products

Omlet has got everything you need to make chicken keeping fun and easy! Check out the bestselling movable chicken coop Eglu Cube and discover the universal Automatic Chicken Coop Door. You will also find stable and secure chicken runs, practical chicken fencing solutions and plenty of boredom busting chicken accessories.

Chicken Guide

This guide contains all the information you need to keep your backyard hens healthy and happy. It aims to turn a novice into an expert, with advice on everything from feeding and hatching, to predator deterrents and health-checks. It also includes a comprehensive FAQ section, and looks at each of the 50 States and their local chicken laws. Anything chicken, we've got it covered.

Duck Guide

These quacking pets lay just as many eggs as a chickens and have inbuilt oil cans to help them stay waterproof. There is lots of information about caring for these waterfowl and fascinating facts. Did you know that male ducks moult twice a year, compared to the females once a year? Or that ducks must have access to water. Swat up on these wonderfull animals here.

Incubation Guide

If you are thinking about breeding and incubating your own eggs this guide will teach you everything you need to know to get started. You can learn about how to do natural incubation (underneath a hen) and artificial incubation using a home incubator.

Quail Guide

Quail are the perfect pet for really small gardens. They lay as many eggs as chickens and are little balls of joy. Learn all about keeping quails yourself in this eggspertly written guide.

Chicken Breeds

Can you spot a Brahma at 50 paces or do you know where the Araucana chicken comes from? You can learn about a wonderful selection of chickens with our comprehensive breed directory.

Duck Breeds

Quackers about ducks then you are in the right place to find who the Aylesbury duckers are and which duck lays black eggs. It's all here in our splendid Duck directory.