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PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Hentertainment Kit - 5.5 - 7 ft.

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The Pole Tree is an innovative and strong perch system that offers your hens custom made perching at any height and orientation in their run. Suitable for all types of chicken enclosures, this adjustable perch tree will provide your flock with entertainment and stimulation for years to come!

The Hentertainment Kit is the perfect height to fit inside Omlet’s Walk In Chicken Runs, with one pole, four short perches and our popular Caddi Treat Holder and Pendant Peck Toy for hours of fun and a rewarding flow of treats!

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A pole with chicken perches and other accessories in a large run
Hens Discovering their artificial tree made of perches

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PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Hentertainment Kit - 5.5 - 7 ft.

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That's Hentertainment!
We bought this but customised it as only needed 1 upright but changed a couple of the short poles to longer ones to configure it to make the most of the space in our walk in run. The girls love it! We added another treat tray and they now happily scoff their grit there, we hang greens from the top pole and they also crap from a height onto the others on the ground which is perhaps not the aim but it makes sure they all stay high up when taking a nap! If you have space and cash it's definitely worth it, we have made a couple of home made climbing frames over the years but this was what we were looking for and really does the job
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