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THE best chicken setup ever! - Karen,

I've been keeping chickens for 10 years and having tried various housing methods. I.E. small chicken coop and garden sheds I can honestly say this eglu cube and run is the best system I've had. No more red mite! Easy to clean house. Foxproof run! Last year I purchased the 3m x 3m x 2m walk in run and it has done an excellent job. I've just purchased an extension kit to make it 4 x 3m to give the girls more room and I love it! Ordering was easy and package arrived quickly. I wish I'd invested in this setup years ago. Worth every penny, thank you Omlet x

Very happy with the product - Diane,

We are very happy with the new run, it was easy to put up - once we worked out which clips to use with which panels- like all these things it's easy once you have that Eureka moment! It is nicely fox proof - evidence they'd tried to get in due to objects outside that had been moved / destroyed - but no chance they could penetrate. The split door is really useful for corn scattering. The run will be easy to cover if the AI restrictions come back into force in our area. Competitive price to other systems we looked at, but easier to maintain and fitted easily to our existing Eglu cube (Mk1) and run (which must be at least 10 -12 yrs ? old and still going strong.



great value - Eddie,

The run is very strong and is very easy to put up, my wife and myself had it up in about 2hours

great value - Eddie,

The run is very strong and is very easy to put up, my wife and myself had it up in about 2hours

- Mark,

Great product ...... went together well and has transformed the area that our chickens live in.

Finally - perfection! - Lesley,

After starting a couple of years back with a Go, we quickly progressed to the Cube and added extension after extension to the run but the height was always a hinderance to getting in and cleaning etc. After much hinting and badgering my other half gave in and we saved up and got this amazing piece of kit. Looks beautiful in the garden and we've almost doubled the floor space for the girls now with the added invaluable bonus of being able to remain upright whilst cleaning, housekeeping and spending time with them. Highly recommended although a small delivery glitch that is not uncommon gave us a bit of a headache, however was easy to build with a bit of prior planning and can honestly say that we're thrilled with it! Would recommend to anyone!

Great safe enclosure - Dave,

Took around 5 hrs to complete, two of us, instructions great just have to keep going, once the lower level was erected the rest did not take to long. Hens all safe in their new run.

Whilst initially the thought of erecting the contents of the 8 large boxes seemed quite daunting after reading the detailed instruction manual all became clear and it was very therapeutic erecting it - Derek,

14 large boxes from the courier 8 of them being for the walk in run.I was left perplexed at where to start but after a string espresso got to grips with the excellent box numbering and was able to start with some degree of confidence.Got the bottom section erected within 4 hours and whilst looking and feeling flimsy I got some neighbours to help me lift it into place so that it could be attached to the Eglu Cube.I got on with the upper section the following day and was able to do this section by myself ( the netting clips and pole clips being quite easy to snap on although there were hundreds of them) again this took about 4 hours to erect including the sorting of the parts from the boxes.It was not until a few days later that the roof panels were installed and I had to have assistance initially to hold them in place whilst they were partly clipped.I finshed off the whole of the clipping at me leisure.The Eglu Cube with it's 2 metre run and the 3x4x2 walk in run look great and I have received many good comments of it's looks and stabilty.

Very Impressed - Ian,

Delivered to France with great help from Omlet to check the delivery status and arrival time. Looks neat and tidy and the chickens are happy and safe. I would highly recommend this product.

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