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Quite the pain to put up - but brilliant - Mandie,

I seem to recall seeing something about this taking a couple of hours to put up. Ha! It took 4 of us about 4-5 hours to get it done. It all looked a bit wobbly but once it was all clipped together it is rock solid. Overview really pleased with it now. It's attached to our aged egglu and we move all of it every week or so so that the chooks can get some fresh grass under their feet. Worth the set up pain!

My ladies love it! - Davina,

I'm absolutely delighted with my walk in run! It is excellent quality and I have 100% faith that my ladies will be safe from those hungry foxes! Once we knew which part went where, we built it quite quickly (it's 24 foot long and it's definitely a two person job)! I don't have to feel guilty about going away for the weekend now as my girls (who normally free range) have so much space! My ladies love it! Thank you Omlet!

Super run; looks great, easy to build - Richard,

We thought the Omlet run would be the ideal replacement for our old and collapsing run and we were not disappointed! It has been cleverly designed to be safe for the hens and weatherproof, it blends in very well with the rest of the garden, and the high roof and stable door make it very practical to use. We bought the biggest run possible as we wanted to give our hens plenty of space. We were a bit worried about the build and the 14 boxes we had to deal with! However the instructions were very clear and with two of us it only took around five hours to build and secure it. We also had an old fixed run to remove but that's another story....

Nice run - Jayne, Highland,

This run is great, the main plus being that it is (hopefully) predator proof. However I had intended to move it every week so that the chickens could be on grass. It takes 3 of us to lift it and it feels like it is going to fall apart. It is obviously not designed to be moved. On the whole though I am very happy with it.

Walk in run - Susan, Lincolnshire,

Safe run with plenty of space for the chickens. They sat on a log and watched us build it, just wish I had the camera at the time. This makes feeding so much easier. We have my brothers old classic eglu (about 10 years old and still going strong) for now but would like a new cube at some point which will be easier to clean out.

THE best chicken setup ever! - Karen,

I've been keeping chickens for 10 years and having tried various housing methods. I.E. small chicken coop and garden sheds I can honestly say this eglu cube and run is the best system I've had. No more red mite! Easy to clean house. Foxproof run! Last year I purchased the 3m x 3m x 2m walk in run and it has done an excellent job. I've just purchased an extension kit to make it 4 x 3m to give the girls more room and I love it! Ordering was easy and package arrived quickly. I wish I'd invested in this setup years ago. Worth every penny, thank you Omlet x

Very happy with the product - Diane,

We are very happy with the new run, it was easy to put up - once we worked out which clips to use with which panels- like all these things it's easy once you have that Eureka moment! It is nicely fox proof - evidence they'd tried to get in due to objects outside that had been moved / destroyed - but no chance they could penetrate. The split door is really useful for corn scattering. The run will be easy to cover if the AI restrictions come back into force in our area. Competitive price to other systems we looked at, but easier to maintain and fitted easily to our existing Eglu cube (Mk1) and run (which must be at least 10 -12 yrs ? old and still going strong.



great value - Eddie,

The run is very strong and is very easy to put up, my wife and myself had it up in about 2hours

great value - Eddie,

The run is very strong and is very easy to put up, my wife and myself had it up in about 2hours

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