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Room for improvement - Helen,

Just a slight update after having the walk in run for a few months; I still love the space and height that this gives our chickens, unfortunately the larger grid size on the run skirt and the upper levels doesn't keep rats out of the run like the runs that come with the cube/classic/go. It's been comedy capers in our garden trying to deter a very intelligent and cunning rat with has taken up residence in our garden. Firstly it was digging through the holes in the skirt to gain access to the run and food, so we bought slabs to cover the skirt which meant that it could enter that way, so then it began climbing to the second level and gained access via the second level. So we bought some netting to put over the next level but this doesn't cover the entire height, just meant the rat has to climb higher to gain access., so we'll need to buy more to cover the whole of the upper tier. We also purchased traps, the snap traps and humane cage traps have been activated, but our resident rat managed to escape both both these so has been given the name not as great as first thought,and the additional expense needed to try and unsuccessfully keep said rat out isn't great either, it maybe an idea to reassess the upper layer and run skirt to keep unwanted rodents out.

2x3x2 run - Carol,

really like my run. it was a little harder to put together than i thought it would be.

Good product, but even better after sales service - Dave,

Bought the 3m long walk in run for our birds due to a couple of marauding cats that were chasing them round the garden upsetting both them and the neighbours. Product was delivered very quickly, however was slightly disappointed by the quality, as the welding on some of the panels was not good, and was definately the issue as the powder coating covered the exposed areas. Made a call to Omlet and with no hesitation replacement panels sent out the same day,, which arrived very quickly also. The product itself was pretty easy to assemble, and the attachment kit also worked well with the Omlet cube that we have. Good product and even better after sales service when manufacturers have obviously let Omlet down.

Finally - perfection! - Lesley,

After starting a couple of years back with a Go, we quickly progressed to the Cube and added extension after extension to the run but the height was always a hinderance to getting in and cleaning etc. After much hinting and badgering my other half gave in and we saved up and got this amazing piece of kit. Looks beautiful in the garden and we've almost doubled the floor space for the girls now with the added invaluable bonus of being able to remain upright whilst cleaning, housekeeping and spending time with them. Highly recommended although a small delivery glitch that is not uncommon gave us a bit of a headache, however was easy to build with a bit of prior planning and can honestly say that we're thrilled with it! Would recommend to anyone!

- Anne,

The walk-in run is great gives the chickens so much more freedom to roam and scratch about and they seem to be happy and content. Also good to be able to go in and sit with the chickens.

Perfect - Becky,

I ordered the walk-in run as I have back problems & it was tricky cleaning out the previous low one. There was a delay on the expected delivery date, but I'm pleased to say it was definitely worth the wait. I like the way you can add on sections to get the perfect sized run for your space. The girls seem very happy in it when they're not free-ranging. Thanks Omlet

Top Class - Margaret,

Has to be the best chicken run on the market, totally fox proof, my chickens are safe and secure.

Great space for the chickens to get outside securely - Iona,

Great space for the chickens to live securely. Did take some time to assemble but well worth takign the time to secure it all properly.

Walk-in run - Elizabeth, Angus,

Bought my walk-in run for my cube to fit inside giving my hens a larger area to forage around when I'm not available. It gives great weather protection for my hens too, as I have it covered with Omlet clear covers. Great protection for me too when cleaning cube in rain. Hens seem to love it and spend much of their time in it even when I have the lower stable door open for them to roam into other part of garden. Very well pleased with my purchase.

Fabulous product - Louise,

We were initially looking at the half height runs for our chickens, but on recommendation from a friend (who pointed us in the direction of Omlet in the first place), we decided to go for the full walk in run and are so pleased that we did. It allows very easy access to the chickens and cleaning out the run is also so much easier when you can stand up! The 'stable door' idea is great for popping in treats / food and there is a regular gathering at the door at corn time! The design makes the whole run so easy to put together and is surprisingly sturdy and has stood up to the hard wind and heavy rain over the 'summer' with no issues at all. It took us about 4hrs to build in all - but it is not 4 hours of heavy work, just lots of clipping panels together (which are provided in very well marked boxes along with plenty of clips) so don't be put off! The Glug and Grub feeders provided clip on really well to the side of the run and the food stays dry. Maybe we have tidy girls(!) but we do not get any spillage of food on the floor from the Grub feeder either. Regarding fox proofing - we have a large fox population where we live (and they are frequently in our garden), and so far, there has been no sign of any attempts to enter/attack the run or the Omlet, which is very reassuring. We highly recommend this product and indeed Omlet as a company - the products are fantastic and the customer service provided is outstanding and second to none.

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