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Speckledy, Legbar and Bluebell are very happy in their new home - Richard,

8/10. Fairly easy to assemble. Door works well, attaches to Eglu nicely using connector kit. As we are using a sheet over it, it could do with an additional centre support pole to stop the roof sagging when the cesuring ropes are pulled tight. Could also be a big issue if we ever get a lot of snow.

Review - Katerina,

We purchased our run because the fox wiped out our flock. We looked around and at the cost of other runs. We are super happy with our purchase as it is light enough to move, sturdy enough to protect and long lasting enough that we won't be replacing every 5 years.

Bigger cover and biosecurity - Ruth,

We love our walk in run, but would really like a bigger cover. Are Omlet thinking about a bigger clear cover? We already have 3 covers but get leaks at the joins For wild bird proofing we have fixed black plant protection netting on the outside (12mm mesh), it is not visible until you are really close up.

Omlet Says: Thank you for your feedback. I am glad you are happy with your Walk In Run. It seems your covers are the older covers we used to do. Our current Walk In Run covers now all come with a "Gutter Edge", which will stop the leaks in between the covers.

Excellent - Kim,

We have moved to a house that has a large open paddock with it and therefore we see lots of wildlife including foxes. Our flock of five have been used to free ranging & therefore we felt that we should buy a decent size run to keep them happy but safe. This was straightforward to put together, looks smart and the chickens are both safe and happy. Delighted with our purchase & would thoroughly recommend.

Not Biosecure - Alex,

Due to the larger mesh size in the top half of the run small birds such as Robins can get into the run meaning it is not Biosecure. Quite simply this is not good enough. Why are Omlet selling products that do not meet basic DEFRA guidelines. The runs should be supplied with the smaller mesh panels all over, not just the bottom half.

Omlet Says: Thank you for your feedback. As the current situation is not an everyday issue, the bigger mesh sizes on the top don´t usually cause for any concern. The DEFRA guidelines have been set for this specific outbreak of the avian flu and are not a general guideline for outdoor runs. To make the run secure, we offer a variety of covers, that are flexible, removable and will offer the needed security for your chickens. Your birds will be protected with the addition of those covers and a smaller mesh size would still require you to cover the roof, to avoid bird droppings falling into the run.

Excellent product - Sue,

I wanted to move my hens out of a paddock and keep them close to the house after attacks on my flock by wildlife (and a neighbours out of control dog!) but I wanted something that would look attractive in our garden. The Omlet walk in run fitted the bill. It looks great, was easy to assemble and keeps my hens safe. Now that we are also under warning to keep wild birds away from domestic birds due to the risk of avian flu I am especially glad to have my little flock in a covered run. One note - be aware, the anti dig skirt does not keep rats out. Make sure you always put food away overnight.

Great product difficult instructions - Carol,

Got this to add to my Egglu as I have a fox problem. Now assembled it is great and easy to open, walk through and feels safe and secure for my girls. Problem was building it! The instructions are not very good and could be a lot clearer. I live too far North for the "pay to assemble" service which would be well worth it if available!

3x3 WIR - Sarah,

Once I had calmed down after the hopelessly bad French delivery of the WIR and given it some thought, I looked at your reviews for hints & was very encouraged by a reviewer (a woman I think) who said she had managed to put hers up single handed – so I did too, & felt quite proud of myself. I did it over several days & tried to make it as undisturbing as possible for the hens. I think it is essential to put the roof struts over & up as early as possible to make it a more solid framework to work on. The big clips are wonderful, but as with the small run on my GoUp, the small clips (particularly the double ones) are pretty hellish when it comes to fixing the skirt. I don’t like the way the top row & the roof are made of a larger mesh- here, we are bothered by all sorts of wildlife not least nasty martens & I, being somewhat neurotic, have covered the entire construction with chicken wire & will fix planks along the skirt (& up it a bit). The Go Up run fitted on pretty neatly (that was one thing I did need a hand with as it wasn’t easy to manoeuvre) I took off the front bit of extra run as my ground is too uneven to keep it long & have used the now redundant panels to reinforce other parts. I know the hens are absolutely safe once shut in for the night but I hate to think of their suffering horribly from an uninvited guest. They seem happy enough to have the extra space when I’m not around but they still want to get the heck outta there whenever they catch sight of me. The food & water containers hang better on a vertical panel than they did on the pyramid walls of the smaller run. I did find fault with a couple of parts, peeling paint & the beginnings of rust, & lack of welding in some parts, and the after sales team were very decent about all that, however it isn’t what I expected & having put the thing together the thought of undoing any of it in order to change a panel or a door is more than I can face. I do expect the quality to be good. The design is good & the components are well thought out for the most part, but I do feel the finish is often a bit disappointing.

Brilliant, chickens & me loving the extra room ! - Susan, Essex,

Purchased a 2x4x2 Walk in Run and its brilliant both me and the chicks are loving the extra room, hubs fitted a wooden plinth around the bottom to stop the wood chips coming out and it works great. Installation time was 6 hours between the two of us, so very under estimated and we managed to follow instructions very well. Had a couple of minor issues which omlet sorted new parts for which was delivered next day. Decided to have coop inside and we can access the door closer through the bars as they are a larger size hole on the top section so don't have to enter the run of a night to shut the coop door. Brilliant run, excellent quality, easy to put up just time consuming with all the clips but very well worth it. I'm so pleased for me and my chickens, thank you Omlet. P.s. Don't bother downloading instructions from website as the instruction booklet(s) you get with it are much more detailed, we got a booklet in every box which was handy as I didn't know which box to open to start !

great value - Eddie,

The run is very strong and is very easy to put up, my wife and myself had it up in about 2hours

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