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Omlet Walk In Chicken Runs

Give your hens more safe space with the Walk In Chicken Run! Spacious and extendable, this full height large chicken enclosure is compatible with all types of chicken coops.

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Let Your Chickens Out to Play

The Walk in Chicken Run gives your hens a larger area to explore, in complete safety!

The Walk in Chicken Run gives your hens a larger area to explore, in complete safety!

Fun loving chickens everywhere swear by Omlet’s Walk In Chicken Run, and so do their owners! Designed to work with any kind of chicken coop, it is the perfect way of providing your flock with more space to explore, play, peck and flap their wings.

Strong, durable, beautifully subtle and extendable, as well as being available with a range of accessories for weather protection and entertainment, the Omlet Walk In Chicken Run truly checks all boxes!

Trusted by Chicken Keepers in the US

woman locking the safe walk in chicken run

The stable-style door can be locked from both sides to prevent accidental openings.

The Walk In Chicken run has been designed to give you peace of mind that your flock is having an eggcellent time in the yard, even when you’re not around.

The super strong heavy duty steel weld mesh is in a completely different league to traditional chicken wire. Additionally, the unique anti-tunnel skirt that runs along the ground prevents predators from digging in.

Omlet’s runs have been rigorously tried and tested, and have been keeping thousands of chickens all over the world safe for over 15 years!

Chicken Runs: Endless Hentertainment Opportunities

The PoleTree chicken perch utilizes the vertical space in your chicken run in the most fun way possible!

The PoleTree chicken perch utlizes the vertical space in your run in the most fun way possible!

Create an engaging environment for your pets with chicken toys in your outdoor chicken run. Not only does the chicken run keep your hens safe, blend in beautifully with your backyard and improve flock relations, you can also accessorize it with a wide range of egg-citing extras.

  • PoleTree - Chickens have a natural desire to perch at the highest available point. A perching activity center designed for the Walk In Chicken Run gives your chickens the opportunity to do everything they love!
  • Chicken Peck Toys and Treat Holders - Keep your hens entertained, encouraging problem solving and natural foraging behaviors.
  • Chicken Swing - A swingingly exciting challenge for a perching experience your hens will never get bored of.

6 Reasons To Buy From Omlet

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery
2 Year Warranty
2 Year Warranty
Excellent Customer Service
Excellent Customer Service
Secure Payment
Secure Payment
5 Star Reviews
Over 17,000
5 Star Reviews

A Complete Hen Habitat - Compatible With All Coops

wooden coops attached to an omlet walk in chicken run

No matter what coop you have, the Walk in Run will be a great addition to your setup.

No chicken run is complete without a coop! Eglus, wooden coops and DIY designs are all compatible with Omlet’s Walk in Chicken Run. Use the purpose designed connection kits to securely link your Eglu Chicken Coop to the outside of the run. You can also place any chicken house inside the run to give your flock a cozy spot to return to for roosting and all important egg-laying.

Perfect if you want to give your flock a complete hen habitat with plenty of space. The added height also makes it easier for you to spend quality time with your pets and really get to know them!

Go Bigger, Wider, Longer - At Any Time!

Omlet catios dimensions

Get a large run straight away, or extend as your flock grows!

One of the great advantages of the modular design is that you can add sections to your chicken run to extend it, whenever you want. Maybe you’re looking to extend your flock, or just want to treat your chickens to more safe pecking space?

The run can be extended to 2 panels high, 3 panels wide, and however long you want it. It’s never been easier to create an enclosure that truly fits your flock, and the space you’ve got.

Designed by Chicken Keeping Experts

Omlet designs the runs that chickens (and chicken keepers) want

Omlet designs the products that chickens (and chicken keepers) want.

We have been tirelessly working around the cluck to create and perfect a chicken run solution that eliminates all hen keeping concerns. Here are some more awesome features you’ll love about the Omlet Walk in Chicken Run:

  • Walk in height makes spending time with your pets easier
  • Half height run for a more economical way to expand
  • Subtle dark green mesh that blends in beautifully
  • Easy access stable style door
  • Safety lock to prevent curious chickens sneaking out

"Such a great product. Previously I had a coop and separate run and was picking them up to put them out which would stress them out and me. Now they’re happy, and I can sit out watching them with a glass of wine."

Customize Your Chicken Run to Suit Your Flock

chickens inside the safe chicken run by omlet

There are lots of ways of making the run perfect for your needs.

There are plenty of ways to make your Walk in Chicken Run into even more of a dream space for your flock.

Easy To Assemble With Helpful ‘How To Build’ Videos

With the 'How to Build' videos, building the run is a breeze.

Your chicken run will arrive flat-packed for easy delivery to your backyard. Then you can just follow the clear step-by-step assembly video filmed in real time, and your chicken runs will be up in no time!

The only tool you will need is a pozi/Philips head (cross type) screwdriver for the door bolt; the rest of the run is assembled using Omlet’s patented run clips.

Ready to create your own?
chicken faq icon

Speak to a Walk In Chicken Run Ambassador Near You!

Omlet Ambassadors are customers turned product eggsperts! They can answer all your questions about the Walk In Chicken Run, and share their experience using it with their hens.

  1. Click on the map image
  2. Connect with an ambassador
  3. All your questions answered!

Frequently Asked Questions

The size of run you need depends on how many chickens you have, the size of your chickens and how much they are allowed to roam free outside the run. Always aim to give your chickens as much space as you can, either by letting them free range in the garden/backyard or by extending the run. If you’re having troubles deciding on what run size to get, feel free to contact our customer services team who will be happy to guide you!

While the strong materials thought-out the design make it extremely hard for predators to get to your pets, no run is 100% predator proof.

If you live in an area with lots of predators, including wild cats, coyotes and possums, as well as smaller animals like minks and weasels, you might want to consider adding additional protection to the run. If you've seen raccoons around your yard, it's also a good idea to secure doors and latches with extra locks to stop them getting to your flock.

Yes, you can secure the skirt of the run to the ground with Omlet’s screw pegs to make sure there are no gaps.
The lower half mesh is 0.9 x 2.9 in, and the upper half mesh and the roof panels are 19 x 2.9 in.
Yes, all Eglus can be connected to the run with a connection kit. For the Eglu Cube and Eglu Go UP, the Eglu must have a 6 ft. run in order to attach to the run.
Yes, the door can be positioned anywhere on the run, apart from right next to an attached Eglu.
The full height door is 5 ft. 11.2 in. Each door is 1 ft. 10.4 in. wide and 2 ft. 11.4 in. high.
It is possible to move the run, but due to the high quality materials even the smallest runs are relatively heavy. If you decide to move the run, we suggest asking for help from at least one other person.
We don’t have a customized solution for attaching the run to an existing structure, but many customers have done it. We suggest you speak to a DIY specialist to make sure you get the right fixings and screws to attach the run safely.
The run can be extended to two sections high and three sections wide, but there is no limit on how far the run can be extended lengthwise. It is only possible to extend a half height run height and lengthwise, the width is limited to two sections.
This depends on the size of your run. The covers are wide enough to stretch over one section of your run, so if your run is two sections wide you will need a 6 ft. cover times however long your run is. If your run is three sections wide, you will need a 9 ft. cover times however long your run is.
The run is designed to be used outdoors for years to come. However, we recommend that you check your run regularly for signs of corrosion, especially if you live somewhere with extreme weather conditions or close to the sea. Corrosion will occur if the coating has been scratched or scraped for example. If you do see some, remove any loose rust and touch up with a weather resistant paint.
You should wait until the chicks are at least 6 weeks old before you take them outside. It might be a good idea to keep them separate for the first week so they can get used to being outdoors before having to interact with the rest of the flock, but this depends slightly on the breed and your setup. If it’s cold and wet you might want to wait a bit longer before you introduce them to the outside world.
Providing the size of the mesh is suitable for your pets, the run is not restricted to use only with chickens. It is often used as a Walk in Duck Run for example. We do not recommend using the run for smaller birds such as quails without additionally securing the mesh.
Yes, you can attach an Walk in Run to your house or another building, many of our customers have and you can see how in the customer images below. Please note that these are all DIY solutions as we don't currently offer a ready made solution, so speak to a specialist to make sure it's done safely.
The upper half mesh and the roof panel holes are 1.96in x 2.95in, so smaller birds will be able to get through. If you are worried about this, we would suggest adding covers to the roof and side of your run or protect it further with some finer mesh.

Got another question?
Please contact our friendly customer services team or call us on 6464341104.

Verified Reviews - Omlet Walk In Chicken Runs

Fabulous solution to flockdown!! - Sally, West Midlands,

After having to keep our fluffies restricted for months 2021/22 separating them into smaller groups to give them room in pens keeping them safe from avian flu. It was heartbreaking to think of doing it to them again after watching them become a complete flock over the summer months. So when restrictions were reinstated again we were desperate to find a solution. We’ve had omlet runs for over 10 years so was the obvious place to turn. We ordered 2m x 6m walk in run where we put our omlet coop inside. It’s been a great success 8 happy silkies with room to roam safely and access to the warmth and laying facilities they need. We have covered the roof and sides of the run with see through waterproof protection in complance with avian flu laws.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 6ft x 9ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 8-10 Silkies pets

Amazing quality - Amanda/Jeffrey, Wales Gwynedd,

We have now extended from a 2x2x3 to a 2x3x4. Also bought the cube and now looking at the gutter coverings. Easy to assemble as long as you follow the guide. This in its self was very easy to follow. Looks like you have lots of screws ect.... but very simple. Yes it might look a bit pricey, but you will have saved loads for the future, have peace of mind and know Mr fox aint getting your birds! You cant put a price on safety and good quality. Now my girls are ready incase we have a flock down, and have a good size enclosure and warm snug house.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 8-10 Rescue hens pets

Beware: NOT snake proof!! - Emma,

We were so excited to get our walk in chicken run and thought our chickens would be safe and secure, so you can imagine our devastation when we found a 2m carpet python strangling our mama hen a couple of weeks ago. I was in disbelief that the run could have failed but we realised quickly enough that the snake could easily fit through the holes in the upper wire panels. We now have chicks to hand-raise, a run that is not predator-proof and we have lost our favourite hen. Very upsetting for the kids! I feel so disappointed because up until now I've been really happy with Omlet products, but I can't get past why the run isn't made from smaller snake-proof mesh.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 6-8 pets

Omlet Says: Dear Emma, Thank you for taking the time to bring your experience to our attention. We are sorry to hear of the loss of your hen and we understand how difficult this must be for your family. As indicated in our FAQ, the lower half mesh is 25 x 75mm, and the upper half mesh and the roof panels are 50 x 75mm. Our engineers designed the panels in this way for safety reasons related to the weight and structure of the run. While the strong materials and thought-out design makes it extremely hard for predators to get to your pets, unfortunately no run is 100% predator proof. For our customers living in regions with specific types of predators able to fit in the dimensions of the mesh, we would recommend adding an extra layer of smaller mesh around the roof and the top panels to prevent these predators from going inside the run. Nevertheless, we understand that every product can be enhanced, which is why your experience has been shared with our Product Design Team, and further investigations will be done in order to try to improve our walk-in runs even more. We extend our deepest sympathies to you and your family, and we remain at your disposal for any query. Yours, The Omlet Customer Services team

Just Perfect - Amanda/Jeffrey,

We live on the side of our mountain in Wales. We have so much wildlife around at all times, so when we looked into rescuing chickens, we had to be certain we could supply them with safety. Our Omlet pen is the best way to make sure our girls are safe and protected, but most of all happy! Honestly, my oartner us like a kid in a sweet shop when he goes on the Omlet site???? You literally get what you pay when buying anything. The walk through pen is easy to assemble, sturdy and can be extended, which I have to do next! Excellent value for money, peace of mind, highly recommended and 'Just perfect x
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 8-10 Rescue hens pets

Fantastic new chicken castle! - Caroline,

Our chickens love their new enclosure as do we. It is a bit of a fiddle to erect with all the clips but once up it is sturdy and so nice to be able to unlock (easily) and either lean in the top section or walk in. No sooner was it up than we ordered an extension!
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 2-4 Chickens - Dark Spec pets

Customer Images - Omlet Walk In Chicken Runs - 29 of 192

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