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Luxury Dog Beds - Topology®

Transform your dog's sleep with the new Topology Dog Bed from Omlet! Keeping your dog’s bed clean and fresh has never been easier with machine washable toppers.

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Which Size Bed Should I Get for My Dog?

It is important to choose a bed that is big enough for your dog. Dig your tape measure out or use the measure app on your phone to find the right size dog bed for your pup!

Remember that puppies grow, so choose the size you think your dog breed will be when fully grown. If your dog is between sizes, we recommend getting the bigger one.

1 - Measure your dog

Dog bed size guide for topology

2 - Match the length to the right size

Dog bed size guide for topology

Zip off Smelly, Zip on Clean

Spoil Your Dog to a New Topper for Their Unique, Stylish Bed

Just look at Winston enjoying the ultimate freshness of his sheepskin topper!

There’s something new and barking fantastic in the luxury dog bed world! The zip on and off dog bed toppers make it easy to clean only the part of the bed that gets dirty, the top! They also allow you to customize your luxury dog bed to suit your pup, and your home.

You can easily pop a new topper on while the dirty one is in the wash, and if a topper gets worn out, you can replace it without having to get rid of the mattress.

A Luxury Dog Bed Topper for Every Occasion

One mattress, five styles, eleven toppers and nine different feet - you're definitely going to find one you like!

One mattress, five different styles, a range of colors and nine different feet!

The exciting range of toppers allow you to create a luxury dog bed you know your pup will love, and that will also look great in all interiors. And the best thing is, you can get one, two, or all of them!

  1. Bolster Topper - stylish, gray framing provides extra support
  2. Beanbag Topper - vibrant and fun with sink-in coziness
  3. Microfiber Topper - absorbent tassels for dirt and wetness
  4. Quilted Topper - soft, plush gray for simple comfort
  5. Sheepskin Topper - soft, faux fur gives a luxurious feel

Wash Over and Over Again!

Watch the video to see how easy it is to keep your Topology dog bed clean!

All toppers can easily be zipped off and put in the washing machine. This will help to get rid of bad odors and dirt, time and time again, keeping your dog’s luxury bed fresh and clean.

While you’re getting one topper clean, just zip on another one! That way your dog is never without a bed, and they can experience that ‘fresh sheets feeling’ over and over again.

Luxury Memory Foam Mattress Supports Tired Pups

beagle in the memory foam topology dog bed with soft black sheepskin topper and wooden feet

Your dog can rest up on the extremely supportive memory foam mattress.

Dogs sleep 12-14 hours a day - they take it very seriously! We take it seriously too! That’s why we’ve made sure that at the core of the Topology Dog Bed is a luxury memory foam mattress that molds around your dog’s body. The unique bed gives unparalleled support for a deep, dreamy sleep.

The mattress, enclosed in a water resistant case, has a stylish gray cover that matches all toppers and feet. The high performance fabric is hard wearing and can also be removed and cleaned in the washing machine if needed.

6 Reasons To Buy From Omlet

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Free shipping over $100
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2 Year Warranty
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Excellent Customer Service
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5 Star Reviews

Why Should I Raise My Dog’s Bed?

Dog laying in topology elevated dog bed with feet to improve airflow and hygiene

Not only does it look extremely sophisticated, raising your dog's bed has many other advantages!

With the designer feet you can take your comfy dog bed to new heights of style and relaxation. Raising your luxury dog bed doesn't just up the style stakes, there are some real practical benefits too:

  • Reduces nasty drafts while letting fresh air circulate
  • Minimizes buildup of dust, debris and mildew for added hygiene
  • Eliminates damp stains on floors and carpet
  • Looks great with the rest of your furniture
  • Makes it easier to get in and out of the bed for larger or older dogs

The Last Dog Bed You’ll Ever Buy

Greyhound laying in the luxury memory foam topology dog bed whilst looking at other dog

You'll never have to endlessly scroll for a new dog bed, all you need is Topology.

There’s no way around it, dogs get dirty and smelly, they shed hair and chew things. It’s not their fault, but it does mean that a standard dog bed won’t last as long as a human one.

Luckily, these sustainable dog beds have been designed as a forever solution. The toppers’ washability and durability make them hard-wearing and long-lasting. If you do choose to replace them over time, you don’t need to buy a whole new luxury dog bed, which is more economical, and kinder to the planet.

Puppy to Senior Luxury Dog Beds

old greyhound laying in the memory foam topology dog bed

Dog’s of all ages will enjoy a supportive, deep and restful sleep on the Topology Dog Bed.

Topology is the luxury dog bed that will be a constant companion to your constant companion! The supportive memory foam mattress will be beneficial for both growing puppies in need of a relaxing place to sleep off all the exhausting play, or senior dogs who need a little more support for tired and stiff legs.

Whenever the luxury dog bed topper gets dirty, just change it and put the dirty one in the washing machine. And after years of restful sleep (or tireless exploring with those sharp little puppy teeth!), you can, instead of having to get a whole new bed, just replace the top.

Patent Pending. Design Registered.

Speak to a Topology Luxury Dog Bed Ambassador Near You!

Omlet Ambassadors are customers turned product pawfessionals! They can answer all your questions about the Topology Dog Bed, and share their experience using it with their own dogs.

  1. Click on the map image
  2. Connect with an ambassador
  3. All your questions answered!

Frequently Asked Questions

The mattress measures:

2ft x 1ft 7in x 4in
2ft 10in x 1ft 10in x 5in
3ft 5in x 2ft 4in x 6in

To find the right size for your dog, use our dog bed size guide. The guide is based on an average adult dog for each breed.

Don't worry, that's how it should be. As it's been vacuumed packed, the mattress needs up to 48 hours to fully inflate. If your pet is too excited to wait, they can start using it straight away!

48 Hours To Fully Inflate
We recommend washing the topper at least once a month, or whenever needed. In the winter, or if your dog easily gets dirty you might have to clean it more often. All toppers zip off and can be put straight into the washing machine on a gentle cycle. If you have the beanbag or bolster topper, remember to remove the filling before washing.
All toppers come in three sizes, small, medium and large, and as long as you have the same sized base, you can use any topper you like and add new ones at a later date if you like.

Our luxury dog bed is available without the stylish feet. However, we recommend raising the bed using the feet to improve airflow and hygiene in and around the bed.

The dimensions (H x W x D) of the feet are:
Round Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Small: 1.9" x 1.9" x 1.9"
Round Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Medium: 2.5" x 2.3" x 2.3"
Round Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Large: 3.1" x 2.7" x 2.7"

Square Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Small: 1.9" x 1.9" x 1.9"
Square Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Medium: 2.5" x 2.3" x 2.3"
Square Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Large: 3.1" x 2.7" x 2.7"

Brass Cap Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Small: 2.5" x 1.4" x 1.4"
Brass Cap Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Medium: 3.1" x 1.5" x 1.5"
Brass Cap Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Large: 3.7" x 1.7" x 1.7"

Metal Hairpin Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Small: 3.5" x 2.5" x 1.8"
Metal Hairpin Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Medium: 3.9" x 3.1" x 1.8"
Metal Hairpin Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Large: 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.8"

Metal Rail Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Small: 1'3.7" x 2.5" x 1.8"
Metal Rail Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Medium: 1'7.6" x 3.1" x 2.2"
Metal Rail Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Large: 2' x 3.7" x 2.8"

The Bolster Topper measures:


  • External Dimensions: 2 ft. 0.8 in x 1 ft. 6.5 in
  • Internal Dimensions: 1 ft. 4.9 in x 10 in
  • External Dimensions: 2 ft. 9.8 in x 1ft. 10 in
  • Internal Dimensions: 2.4 ft x 1.6 ft


  • External Dimensions: 3 ft. 5.7 in x2 ft. 4.3 in
  • Internal Dimensions: 2 ft. 5.9 in x 1 ft. 4.5 in
Yes, the beds are compatible with most dog crates, including Omlet’s Fido dog crate range. Measure your crate to see which size bed to get.
Apart from the range of toppers and feet, Omlet also has a lovely Luxury Dog Blanket which will make your dog bed even cozier. Alternatively, in the summer, why not pop a cooling mat for dogs on top of the topper to give your dog some rest from the heat.
If you do not like the bed or your dog doesn’t use it within 30 days of purchase, you can return it to us for a full refund if it is still in perfect condition. This bed also has a 2 year warranty, so please contact us if you feel the bed has broken within the warranty period. The bed is not chew or claw proof, and we cannot replace or refund beds which have been damaged through natural pet usage.
If your dog chews and scratches their beds you should expect the cover to become worn, however, we do have replacement bed covers available in all colours and sizes.
The memory foam is designed to withstand daily use for years to come. The density of the memory foam is 40-45kg/m^3 (kilograms per meters cubed). The bed also has a 2 year warranty, so please contact us if you feel the memory foam has broken within the warranty period. The bed is not chew or claw proof, and we cannot replace or refund beds which have been damaged through natural pet usage.
The memory foam mattress provides a soft and comfortable base for your dog to lay on. As your dog lays down the mattress moulds around the body, providing relief and support. This is especially beneficial to elderly or disabled dogs who might suffer from aching muscles and joints.
If you buy your Topology Dog Bed with feet, you will also receive a base board that slides in under the mattress, to which the feet attach. Do not try to attach the feet straight on the mattress. If you want to add feet at a later stage, please remember you will also need a base board.

Got another question?
Please contact our friendly customer services team or call us on 6464341104.

Verified Reviews - Luxury Dog Beds - Topology®

Very comfy - Chris,

The dogs love the bean bag and dig to adjust the filling which seems great fun. The beanbag is very dig resistant and the dogs enjoy sinking in, specially the new puppy
Review for: Topology - Beanbag Topper - Yellow - Medium

The reviewer has 2-4 Miniature dachshunds pets

Well made - Chris,

A well made bed that was exactly what we wanted. The dogs use it all the time and wrangle for the best spot (if there is such a thing)
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Medium

The reviewer has 2-4 Miniature dachshunds pets

It’s a hit with our schnauzer - Jude,

It’s a hit with our schnauzer I’m very pleased with the size, she’s got plenty of room to relax and it looks in keeping with our furniture. Particularly like the ease with which I can chop and change the top part due to the frequent need to wash after muddy paws. Would happily recommend.
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Large

The reviewer has 1 Standard Schnauzer pets

Bolster - Helen,

The bolster complements the raised bed perfectly. As an older dog and now an amputee, I was concerned that Buddy may have some pain in the neck area post operatively. The raised areas allow him to rest his head without stretching this vulnerable area. As you can see, he is very comfortable. I recommended the product to a friend who bought an item for his little Dachshund, Tommie (who usually destroys his beds, but not this time) Thanks again 💙
Review for: Topology - Bolster Topper - Grey - Medium

The reviewer has 1 Nova Scotia Duck Tol pets

Great for seniors - Lucia,

By far the best dog bed I have bought for my 2 senior Staffies. I've been through so many, but this bed has withstood time better than any other. I routinely wash the topper, so it's always clean and the elevation prevents any mould building up, as previous beds had this issue. It has kept it's shape and integrity for 2 years since buying it, with 2 20kg dogs on it (they insist on curling up together)! And my dogs love it, worth every penny to keep them comfortable 😊
Review for: Topology Dog Beds Small - Sheepskin Purple with Wood - Square Feet

The reviewer has 2-4 Staffordshire bull t pets

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