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Memory Foam Bolster Dog Beds - Find Your Match From 15 Amazing Colors

Memory foam mattress and supportive bolster cushion, with a removable, machine washable cover. Available in 15 stylish colors, with a choice of 9 designer feet.

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New limited edition Bolster Dog Beds

Omlet’s first limited edition collection of signature prints was inspired by the walks we take with our dogs and the people and places we meet along the way. Discover your favorite walk within one of the 5 prints of the Dog Walk Collection, exclusively designed by Omlet.

Which Size Bed Should I Get for My Dog?

It is important to choose a bed that is big enough for your dog. Dig your tape measure out to see which size bed is best for your dog!

Remember that puppies grow quickly! So choose the size you think your dog will be when fully grown. And if your dog is between sizes, we recommend getting the bigger one.

1 - Measure your dog

Dog bed size guide for bolster

2 - Match the length to the right size

Dog bed size guide for bolster

Product Dimensions


External dimensions: 2' x 1'6.8" x 6.6"
Internal dimensions: 1'6" x 12"


External dimensions: 2'10.4" x 1'9.8" x 8.2"
Internal dimensions: 2'3.5" x 1'4"


External dimensions: 3'5.5" x 2'4.1" x 10.4"
Internal dimensions: 2'6" x 1'6"

Ultimate Comfort on a High Performance Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress will embrace your dog’s body as they lay down on it, ensuring premium comfort.

Omlet's memory foam dog beds have been engineered to give dogs the bed they deserve, while also improving their sleep, health and energy levels. The premium memory foam layer lets your dog’s body sink slowly into the bed, allowing their muscles to relax and providing a luxurious sleep haven. After a long day of play, your dog will fall into a soundless sleep, supported by the comfort of this deep, quality mattress.

The high performance memory foam is designed to withstand your dog’s natural behaviours of jumping, rolling, playing and sleeping, for many years to come. This means when your dog wakes up and hops out of bed, the memory foam will plump out again so your dog can enjoy the relaxing sinking feeling everytime they settle down on their bed.

"The memory foam is just what I was looking for as in her older age she was uncomfortable on some of her other beds which weren't as thick and padded."

Deep, Restful Sleep Resting on the Supportive Bolster Cushion

The bolster edge supports your dog’s head at the optimum angle and provides a sense of security.

The cushioned bolster surrounding the memory foam mattress is designed to support your dog’s head at the perfect angle. The deep-filled pillow is firm enough to hold your dog’s sleepy head as they snooze, but also soft and comfortable for a long, undisturbed sleep. The bolster cushion also helps your dog feel safe and secure, allowing them to relax against it without risk of rolling onto the hard floor!

Click the image to watch the video.

"Would definitely recommend for any dog owner, I'm jealous of the memory foam mattress myself!"

6 Reasons To Buy From Omlet

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
180 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free shipping over $100
Free shipping over $100
2 Year Warranty
2 Year Warranty
Excellent Customer Service
Excellent Customer Service
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Secure Payment
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5 Star Reviews

Easy to Clean Dog Bed With a Zip on Machine Washable Cover

Watch the video to see how to these easy clean dog beds go in for a spin!

The Bolster Dog Bed has an easy to remove, machine washable cover which simply zips on and off, so you can keep your dog’s bed clean and fresh.

Whether muddy paw prints or wet dog smells, simply unzip the cover off the mattress and toss it in the washer on a gentle cycle to get it clean in no time. Why not get an extra cover, so while one is in the wash, your dog doesn’t have to be without their favorite snooze spot?

You can put the cover in the washing machine with or without the bolster - whichever is easier for you!

The memory foam mattress is placed inside a water-resistant, ‘no-noise’ cover to keep the foam equally hygienic and odor free.

If you elevate your dog bed with the designer feet, you will simply just need to unscrew the feet before you remove the mattress cover.

Looks Great in Your Home: Accessorise With Designer Feet

Choose between a range of different feet to raise the comfortable dog beds off the ground.

With the exclusive designer feet you can accessorize your Bolster Dog Bed to new heights of style. Just like furniture in your home, your dog’s bed will benefit from the elevated aesthetic of sleek, sophisticated feet.

Choose between:

  • Round Wood Feet - tapered, light wood offer simple style for any room
  • Square Wood Feet - modern, angled feet in light wood for a minimalist home
  • Brass Cap Wood Feet - round, tapered feet in dark wood with a sophisticated brass cap
  • Metal Hairpin Feet - classic, hairpin steel design, available in cream, black or gold
  • Metal Rail Feet - steel, ski-style rail from front to back, available in cream, black or gold

Simply unzip the cover, and slide in the solid bed base, then screw in the legs (and middle support for medium and large sizes).

Improve Health, Hygiene and Airflow by Raising the Bed

High Performance Fabric With Hard Wearing Geometric Weave

Elevated dog beds with feet can minimise disturbances and improve airflow.

The Bolster Dog Bed designed by Omlet has a non-slip base that can be placed directly on the floor. But for added comfort, you can also raise the dog bed up with our range of stylish feet. Raising your dog’s mattress off the ground reduces drafts and improves the airflow under the bed, which helps minimize a build up of mould, mildew, dust and debris. This simple solution not only keep the comfortable dog bed clean and tidy for longer, but it's also healthier and more comfortable for your dog.

"Our miniature Dachshund Reggie loves his new bed. He's still a young pup and despite his small size, we knew he'd be chewing everything in sight so we wanted a bed that was really hard wearing. He's been in the bed almost a month now and there's no signs of any wear and tear which is great!"

Stylish Geometric Weave Fabric Available in 15 Expressive Colors

15 Expressive, Stylish Hues to Compliment Your Home Furnishings

These colourful dog beds come in 15 beautiful colors, so that you can choose one that fits you and your dog.

The memory foam dog bed is available in an amazing collection of fifteen colors to suit every style. With a subtle, woven, diamond geometric pattern, you can choose the right color to compliment your home without compromising on your pet’s comfort.

Whichever style you choose, the Omlet’s Bolster Bed will match the quality look and feel of your other soft furnishings, ensuring your dog’s bed is a part of the home, just like they are a part of your family.

Can’t choose? Why not get a selection of colors so you can refresh your dog bed’s style whenever you feel you need a new pop of color!

"It looks great in my living room and it also fits in his Fido Nook dog crate. He loves relaxing his head on the bolster cushions and I think the support it provides him is great for a growing pup."

Provide Extra Warmth With a Luxury, Super Soft Dog Blanket

Terrier on green bolster bed with sheepskin blanket

Add extra warmth and comfort with one of Omlet's perfectly designed dog blankets.

Add layers of comfort to your Bolster Dog Bed with the Luxury Faux Sheepskin Dog Blanket. The stylish design of this soft, creamy white blanket offers your dog deluxe warmth and comfort all nap long. Place this versatile, cozy pet throw on the Bolster bed, in the car, or anywhere you want to upgrade your dog’s sleep. No need to worry if the blanket gets dirty or smelly as it is completely machine washable!

Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer With an Optional Cooling Mat

Fit the Cooling Mat on Top for a Sweat Free Summer

The Bolster Bed can be made even more comfortable in the warm months by adding the Omlet Cooling Mat.

Keep your dog comfortable throughout summer with the Omlet Cooling Mat for Dogs, specially designed to tuck into the bolster cushion for ultra-comfort for your dog. The gel-filled memory foam mat is rip-resistant and water-resistant, requires no electricity or refrigeration, and provides a cool surface for pets to relax on during the summer months. It can be used on the floor or on your dog’s bed, and is easy to vacuum and wipe clean.

Just like the Bolster Beds, the Omlet Cooling Mat has been designed to also look great in your home. It is grey on one side and cream on the other so you can choose the color which suits your interior best.

Raise the Bed With Feet and Supportive Base Board

Watch the video to see how easy it is to slide in the supportive base board and attach the stylish feet.

To raise the Bolster Dog Bed above ground, you will need the accompanying base board. The customized board adds stability to the bed, makes it levelled, and allows you to fasten the feet without ruining the memory foam mattress.

The cover simply unzips and the base slid in under the mattress. The feet can then easily be screwed on, and you can change them at a later date if you want an updated look. The medium and large beds also come with an additional central support to withstand all the jumping and playing your dog loves to do. Patent Pending.

Expand Your Dog’s Sleep Setup With the Fido Furniture Range

Use With the Fido Furniture Range for the Ultimate Sleep Setup

The Bolster Bed fits seamlessly into Omlet’s Fido dog furniture range, so you can find the perfect setup.

The Bolster Beds fit perfectly with Omlet’s incredibly popular range of crate furniture to create the perfect sleeping solution for dogs of all ages and is ideal for both puppies and seniors alike!

  • Fido Nook - This indoor dog den comes with an optional removable crate, offering complete flexibility for both you and your dog. The Bolster Beds will look great in the Nook both with and without the crate, making sure your dog has got a safe and comfortable space to rest. Plus, you can store all your dog’s things in the handy optional wardrobe!
  • Fido Studio - This dog crate offers all the benefits of a safe space for a new puppy in training, or an anxious rescue dog, in a practical, yet stylish, furniture piece. The hard-wearing and easy to clean Bolster Bed makes a great mattress for puppy training, too. Don’t forget the practical, integrated wardrobe for storage!

Frequently Asked Questions

To find the right size for your dog, use our dog bed size guide. The guide is based on an average adult dog for each breed.

Bolster Bed:
Mattress Cover: Polyester / Anti-Skid Gripper Fabric
Mattress Foam Filling: Memory Foam and Base Core Foam
Mattress Foam Cover: Water-resistant TPU Non 'noisy' fabric
Bolster Cushion Cover: TPU fabric
Bolster Cushion Filling: High-loft Polyester

Wooden Feet:
Rubberwood (Sustainable biproduct of rubber plantations)

Brass Cap Wooden Feet:
Stained Rubberwood / Brass

Metal Feet (Black and Cream):
Powdercoated Steel

Metal Feet (Gold):
Electroplated steel

Painted plywood

We recommend washing the cover at least once a month, or whenever needed. In the winter, or if your dog easily gets dirty you might have to clean it more often. Remove the cover from the mattress, then put in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees. You don't have to remove the bolster cushion. If you have feet on your bed, these must be removed for you to be able to take the cover off. Hand wash the mattress only, with a damp cloth and soapy water.
The Bolster Dog Bed is available without the stylish feet, but we recommend raising the bed to improve airflow and hygiene in and around the bed.
The cover has a separate section with a zip on the inside where the bolster should go, almost like a pocket at the end of a duvet cover. Start at one end of the pocket, stuff the bolster in and zip as you go along the bed.

Round Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Small: 5H x 5W x 5D cm
Round Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Medium: 6.5H x 6W x 6D cm
Round Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Large: 8H x 7W x 7D cm

Square Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Small: 5H x 5W x 5D cm
Square Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Medium: 6.5H x 6W x 6D cm
Square Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Large: 8H x 7W x 7D cm

Brass Cap Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Small: 6.5H x 3.7W x 3.7D cm
Brass Cap Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Medium: 8H x 4W x 4D cm
Brass Cap Wood Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Large: 9.5H x 4.W x 4.4D cm

Metal Hairpin Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Small: 6.5H x 9W x 4.8D cm
Metal Hairpin Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Medium: 8H x 10W x 4.8D cm
Metal Hairpin Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Large: 9.5H x 12W x 4.8D cm

Metal Rail Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Small: 40D x 6.5H x 4.7W cm
Metal Rail Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Medium: 50D x 8H x 5.7W cm
Metal Rail Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Large: 63D x 9.5H x 7.2W cm

If your dog chews and scratches their beds you should expect the cover to become worn, however, we do have replacement bed covers available in all colours and sizes.
If you do not like the bed or your dog doesn’t use it within 180 days of purchase, you can return it to us for a full refund if it is still in perfect condition. This bed also has a 2 year warranty, so please contact us if you feel the bed has broken within the warranty period. The bed is not chew or claw proof, and we cannot replace or refund beds which have been damaged through natural pet usage.

Bolster Bed - Small: 60 x 48 x 17 cm
Internal dimensions: 45 x 30 cm
Base for Omlet Dog Bed Feet Small: 59.5 x 44 x 0.9 cm

Bolster Bed - Medium: 87.5 x 55.5 x 21 cm
Internal dimensions: 70 x 43 cm
Base for Omlet Dog Bed Feet Medium: 82.5 x 52 x 0.9 cm

Bolster Bed - Large: 105.5 x 71.5 x 26.5 cm
Internal dimensions: 82 x 50 cm
Base for Omlet Dog Bed Feet Large: 96 x 66 x 0.9 cm

You will find the dimensions of the feet above.

Yes, you can purchase replacement covers for all sizes and colours of the Bolster Beds. You will find these here.
The memory foam is designed to withstand daily use for years to come. The density of the memory foam is 40-45kg/m^3 (kilograms per meters cubed). The bed also has a 2 year warranty, so please contact us if you feel the memory foam has broken within the warranty period. The bed is not chew or claw proof, and we cannot replace or refund beds which have been damaged through natural pet usage.
The memory foam mattress provides a soft and comfortable base for your dog to lay on. As your dog lays down the mattress molds around the body, providing relief and support. This is especially beneficial to elderly or disabled dogs who might suffer from aching muscles and joints.
If you buy your Bolster Dog Bed with feet, you will also receive a base board that slides in under the mattress, to which the feet attach. Do not try to attach the feet straight on the mattress. If you want to add feet at a later stage, please remember you will also need a base board.

A fully inflated mattress measures approximately:
Small - 3.5 inches
Medium - 4.7 inches
Large - 5.9 inches

Got another question?
Please contact our friendly customer services team or call us on 6464341104.

Verified Reviews - Memory Foam Bolster Dog Beds - Find Your Match From 15 Amazing Colors

Midnight blue small for cats - Carolyn, NSW,

We just love it! It coordinates beautifully with your decor, it was easy to assemble & it’s warm & super comfortable.
Review for: Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed - Small - Midnight Blue

The reviewer has 2-4 Burmese pets

Bolster Beds - A Great Success - Celia, Cornwall,

Each of our boys have one. Sage Green & Mellow Yellow. They did not disappoint either us or the dogs. They either stay close and swap around who sleeps on which one. They snuggle up to the bolster and love the ‘inbuilt’ headrest. Not only that but they are a smart addition in our living space. Success all riund
Review for: Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed - Medium - Sage Green

The reviewer has 1 Cockapoos pets

Looks very stylish and feels comfortable too! - Brooks, California,

Our Mia LOVES this dog bed! We were looking for a sofa style dog bed with a removable, washable cover for for a long time and thanks to Holly&Hazelnut we finally found the perfect one!
Review for: Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed - Small - Sky Blue

The reviewer has 1 pets

Such a stylish print! - Sue,

I've had an Omlet bolster bed for over a year and Roger is always in it. So excited when I saw these new designs, was torn between the midnight meadow and nature trail, went with the nature trail teal and i'm in love! It looks so stylish in the kitchen, thought the story behind the collection was very sweet too.
Review for: Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed Large - Nature Trail

Love the limited edition collection! - Rita,

Our little princesses love their new bed! They run into the room to be first on the bed and sniff around for the perfect spot. Small size fits both of our girls and is fairly easy to carry around room to room for bed time.
Review for: Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed Small - Pawsteps Natural

Customer Images - Memory Foam Bolster Dog Beds - Find Your Match From 15 Amazing Colors - 29 of 74

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