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Zippi Guinea Pig Playpen Starter Pack - Single Height

by Omlet

The new Zippi Guinea Pig Playpen from Omlet provides a movable exercise solution for your guinea pigs while allowing you to spend more quality time with your pet within a secure environment. The Zippi playpen is an open style exercise and play space which provides easy access for children and pet owners alike and is great for interactive play. It is fully compatible with and can be linked to the Zippi Tunnel system quickly and securely.

The Zippi Playpen Starter Pack includes 10 panels (48cm x 48cm each) of secure Omlet weld mesh and Omlet run clips which can be configured in any shape that you desire to fit your available space. One of the panels can be un-clipped and folded down for easy personal access to the pen. There is also a specially designed connection portal should you wish to join up your Zippi Guinea Pig Tunnel.

You can add to and extend your Zippi playpen over time with optional extras such as mesh roofing and underfloor mesh. Extension panels are also available so you build the playpen to any size that you desire. A range of specially designed covers and shades for the Zippi can also be added.

Please note that the playpen is designed for interactive play and supervised exercise for your rabbit and your pet should not be left unattended during use.

The Zippi Playpen Starter Pack covers an area of 144cm x 96cm when assembled in a rectangular shape, with a height of 48cm.

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easy to clean - Jas, Midlothian,

I like this setup for the fact that it's super easy to clean. and Guinea pig also has access to grass. but the front of the tray doesn't hook on anything or has any thing supporting the bottom. Every time I move the hutch to a different spot, it will leave a gap between the bottom tray and door and drop bedding out from the bottom. Would suggest to add a support piece under there.

The reviewer has 1 smooth hair pets

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