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Verified Reviews for Geo Bird Cage - Teal and Black

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I purchased the black and teal with tall stand - Chasity-Grand, Bedfordshire,

This is engineered extremely well, I am extremely happy and my Parrotlet and Parakeet LOVE IT! What an impressive product and design, I had fun assembling, it was like building with the tinker toys!! I would say it is one of the best purchases I have ever made! Well done! 2

The reviewer has 2-4 Parrotlet and Parake pets

Great Cage with space to fly - Emma, Bedfordshire,

This cage is great when it comes to space for your bird to fly. We purchased it to put two budgies in and they seam really happy. It’s flat packed and so needs building from scratch. A bit like a 3D jigsaw. It’s easy to build just use the instructions and pay attention to the part numbers. My only negative point is the bars are vertical. Our old cage had horizontal bars which made it easier to hang additional items on. Despite that. It’s a great looking cage and when placed on the stand, makes a nice addition to the room 2

The reviewer has 2-4 Budgie pets

I absolutely adore this birdcage - Constance, Bedfordshire,

I just moved my 3 male zebra finches in this week and I am so so thrilled with my purchase. I was worried about space but they have even more room to fly than my old (fairly large) rectangle cage, even though the volume of the Geo cage is less. The design of it gives them more air space. I added a couple small branch perches to the sides. Like others have mentioned - they didn't figure out the food and water bowl situation for a day, but once my boldest finch figured it out, they were fine. I love that the bath is raised and there are no perches above the food/water station. Way less mess. Overall, really happy with my purchase, pleasantly surprised at how spacious it really is, and it is way easier to clean. 2

The reviewer has 2-4 Zebra finches pets

Our birds are loving it - Linda, Bedfordshire,

Our purchase is well worth the money and time that it takes to put together. The birds, two budgies/parakeets, were a little leery at first but warmed up quickly. The food/water service is the best we have seen for any cage. Less mess and the feeder/water size allows us to leave them for a few days knowing they will be fine. They are still getting acquainted with getting back into the cage. Their previous cage door folded down into a ladder type situation for them to leave or reenter. They get better with this one each time they are out but I think the door could use the improvement of opening into a downward position. 2

The reviewer has 2-4 Budgies/parakeets pets

Great cage and features. My bird love it! - Debra, Bedfordshire,

I am very happy with cage and stand. It is easy to clean and I love the feeders. 2

The reviewer has 2-4 Gouldian finches pets

Lovely cage - Deb, Bedfordshire,

I love the design and look in my living room. Easy to assemble, nice amount of room for my two finches. Feeding unit works well in keeping seed from getting out of cage, but you will get some seed waste on floor. Center feeder does sometime “jam” so food doesn’t fall. I church regularly to ensure access to food. Cleaning: I use a large piece of cardboard to put under cage bottom opening when lifting off base to clean. This helps to keep birds inside. I bought the stand, which I like, but I must unscrew if I want to move base elsewhere to clean. I use the provided cage liners, nice but you must deconstruct feeding system to remove. I use paper towels to catch most of the waste to I don’t have to take apart everyday. Overall attractive cage, birds enjoy, some logistics with daily and weekly cleaning. 2

The reviewer has 2-4 Finches pets

Geo Bird cage - Allan, Bedfordshire,

Best cage ever,Bird loves it and it looks like a lovely part of the furniture. 2

The reviewer has 1 Parakeet pets

My budgies feeder - Maryam, Bedfordshire,

I have my several things from omlet especially the lovely geo bird cage and by mistake I have put my feeder during cleaning near the heater and it melted because of that it loses the balance and when I looked at the website they don’t sell it and last week I took a chance and email them regarding this matter and the lady was super helpful and within week today I got my things I am really impressed the way they look after the customers once again thanks a lot 2

The reviewer has 2-4 Budgies pets

Nice looking - Mart, Bedfordshire,

My daughter and I had fun putting this together and two of the pieces broke while putting on. Luckily, two extra were provided. Keep in mind, unless your birds are often on the wood pieces up high, it’s hard to take the top part off to clean. Our birds are on the bottom often so it was quite a hassle and one bird quickly flew out in the process. 2

The reviewer has 2-4 Finch pets

Attractive, spacious cage - Paul, Bedfordshire,

I'm very happy with the cage overall. The assembly is relatively straightforward (especially thanks to the packing of cage sections in groups rather than all mixed together) though you will need at least an hour, and possibly a second pair of hands! Spacious enough for my two budgies, they're quite happily sharing the perches. The food and water station is excellent, keeps the water and food clean and fresh, and it collects the vast majority of seed husks. The one thing I would ask (and it's not directly related to the cage itself) is could you please start making sanded versions of your cage liners? Because of the unusual dimensions of the cage, I have to use at least two sandpaper sheets cut to size. It'd be much easier to buy the sheets that you already produce, but in a sanded version. 2

The reviewer has 2-4 Budgies pets

Omlet Says: Hi Paul, Thank you very much for your suggestion, your reviews are very important to us in order to make improvements for our products. We are glad to read that you are happy with the cage overall. I will pass your suggestion to our Product Design Team, who will be in position to decide if this can be implemented and sanded cage liners added to our range of bird products. We stay at your disposal if you have any other questions. Best Regards, Clemence Omlet Customer Services

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