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Vacation without a chicken sitter -

We installed our auto-door on our coop and are loving it. Simple instillation on the mesh side of the coop. The 8 girls figured it out on the first night. Left on vacation for a week with plenty of food and water without worrying about a predator attacking. The coop opens in the morning before they start screaming which is a plus with the neighbors. Wondering why did we waited so long to buy.

Great product, but took a long time to get it. -

Great product and easy to assemble. We attached it to a metal door on an old horse trailer. It took the girls about a day to figure it out. Thanks!

I wish I’d bought it sooner - North Carolina,

This well built door is so study and well designed. I had absolutely no training required for my chickens to use it perfectly immediately. The dogs and I can now get up a little later. I still check each night to make sure they are in but it so reassuring each time I do. I should have brought it with the coop. It’s costly but the freedom more than makes up for it.

A whole new world - Virginia,

OMG. We installed the door a few nights ago and stood outside the coop like it was New Years Eve to watch the door shut. I can't tell you the freedom this gives us. No more worrying about getting home to shut the coop door, no more getting up at dawn through all sorts of weather. And the door is very secure. No animal can possibly pry it open. I just ordered a second one for my other coop!

Automatic Coop Door works great! -

Easily installed on our existing coop, opens and closes perfectly with the cycle of the sun, this is a wonderful product!

Chicken coop door -

Excellent purchase really pleased with it. Very well made and easy to assemble, easy to set up. Would highly recommend. My girls love it.

Awesome Product -

Installed the automatic chicken coop light and it works a treat! Our hens go into their coop every night without fail. The light was an easy addition to our Omlet Automatic Coop Door setup.

Why didn't I get this from the start :) -

Setting up the automatic coop door was easy, however I didn't fit the door properly at first, but managed to get it fitted easily. I really ask myself why I didn't get this right from the start, now I don't have to worry that I'm not getting up in time to open the door for my girls or go out in to close it at night. What an amazing thing, this is a definite must for any individual who keeps chickens and would really recommend!!!

Easy and secure -

I’m so happy to finally received my Auto door! So easy to install. I installed it on my wooden coop. The kind of coop that you buy as a kit and put together. I’ll sleep good tonight knowing this door is on and secure. It’s closed at sundown as expected. Can wait for it to open when so my ladies can come out of the house when they are ready instead of waiting for me. Again. So easy to install (one note, I used a 6.4mm drill bit because that’s the biggest I had and that worked vs the 7mm the instructions said to use.

excellent product - Maine,

installation of door was very quick and easy, programming is also very easy. As my chicks are only a few days old and are still in the brooder, it will be awhile before I can use it, but I tested every function and very pleased with how smoothly it operates. I am sure when I do start using it, I will continue to be pleased! Very good product and worth the cost.

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