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Best purchase ever. - Oklahoma,

This auto-door is worth every penny. I no longer have to worry about forgetting to close or worse, open the coop. We can also go out of town without having to have someone open and close the coop up for us. I've had it up and running almost a year now and I've never had it fail to open or close. I found that having a set time was more reliable than the light sensors, which has worked just fine. I recently ordered another Cube and of course bought an auto door for it as well.

Useful - 7 Chestnut Close, Waddesdon,

Not in use at present Have been looking at these automatic doors for a while and decided this was the year to install one ready for the early winter evenings and the convenience of our hens being let out in their run earlier in the mornings so we don’t have to get up too early on a cold winter’s morning!

So pleased! - Maryland,

The perfect addition to my omlet set ups. It is wonderful to not have to worry about letting the chickens out first thing in the morning, or making sure we are always home to close their door...thank you for keeping my girls safe and secure!


My wife was skeptical when I ordered the Omlet auto door! The fist morning she looked out of the window and saw all of our Girls out of their coop and roaming the pen without having to get out of bed, she said it was LIFE CHANGING!


Performed above expectations for sure will and do recommend it to everyone.

Dependable and safe auto chicken door -

The Omlet automatic door opener is wonderful. My chickens learned when it opens and closes quickly so now I don’t have to do that chore twice a day. Super easy to install and the battery life is great. The door is secure when closed and even has a safety in case one of my girls are in the door when it closes. I would strongly recommend this dependable door.

Best investment -

So happy I ordered it. The door works very well saved me a ton of time and sleep. Took a few days for chicken to get the hang of it but all is good. would definitely get another one and I hope to enjoy this one for years to come.

This door is a life changer!!!!! -

I bought the Omlet automatic chicken coop door and installed it into my chicken coop, it was really easy, the instruction booklet is great. The door works so well and my girls got used to it straight away. It is a life changer not having to get out there morning and night. I can sleep in and have a social life again!!

Excellent Product -

Love the auto door, allows the chickens to get out when they need to when you sometimes forget to let them out. Very efficient and easy to install.

Coop door 6month review. -

Bought this door back in January a bit sceptical about buying it at the time but bit the bullet and went ahead with the purchase and really glad I did one of the best products I have ever bought it really works well it costs a lot but you control when they come out and in brilliant well worth every penny.

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