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Awesome coop door -

i love the automatic door it works great on my wood coop. my only thing i was disappointed in was that it 3 months to arrive.

Good Product -

This automatic coop door is a good product, but took a while for our chickens to get in the coop in time before it shut. The light sensor is pretty sensitive and shut when it was just a bit lighter than our chickens preferred to come in to roost. There is an adjustment, however we had it set for the darkest setting with a delay. Could use a bit more of a range, but they are starting to be more successful so there is hope!

- Michigan,

We installed door a few weeks ago. Absolutely love it. Still check periodically to make sure it shuts. Shuts every night.

Such a great idea - Ontario,

I've been using the auto door for about a month now and absolutely love it. It gives me one less thing to worry about on rushed mornings! This way the girls have their freedom in the run on their schedule, instead of mine.

Very happy with this product! -

Door is working fine so far (1+ month) with no battery degradation. Ideal product coming in to the winter time - no more remembering the hen house door is open on a freezing cold night just as I get in to my warm bed. Priceless.

Automatic Coop Door is a TIMESAVER - Wisconsin,

I love my automatic coop door. The girls got used to it right away, and now that the days are getting shorter I don't have to rush home to make sure they are safe for the night. Best money I have spent in a long time! Thanks, Omlet!

Automatic Door - brilliant ! -

So pleased with the automatic door for my Eglu Cube. I now don't have to worry if I'm a bit late getting to the ladies in the morning, they are out and about and happy pecking in their run. Also as the nights are drawing in, it is reassuring to know that they are safe in the cube when it gets dark. It was quite straightforward to install and we added the light as well, but the instructions were clear and easy to follow. It took the ladies a couple of nights to get used to getting in before it shut, but now a week later they are all ready and safely snuggled before it shuts. It really is well worth investing in !

Thank Goodness For This Product -

I love it. I can actually trust it will close and open. Super user friendly Only issues I have: -Maybe provide screws (instead of bolts) for drilling into wood without another side. -Small door/opening for chickens to get through!

Auto coop door -

Great product, very good quality and straight forward to fit to a wooden henhouse. Delivery took a long time for some reason?

Door -

I’ve found the door to be robust, good on the eye and a godsend for protecting my Hens from Mr Fox! A wonderful Design that is, for me, worth the premium payed. I use the light sensor that allows my Hens plenty of time to get into the coup without any fear of them being locked out. I am now able to visit the coup later in the morning allowing me to get up at a more sociable time.

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