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Brilliant piece of kit -

I am so happy with my purchase I would recommend everyone should have one. The batteries seem to last and last . We have very happy hens .

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Makes my life Easier - Washington,

We've had the door installed about a month now. It took weeks to arrive. Our coop door was larger than the Omlet door so we had to build an insert to attach it to. Very straightforward instructions. Very well engineered and great quality. Took a bit to get the adjustments for it to open and close with the light how I wanted. Love that it opens side to side, not from the top. Love how it says how long til it closes when I check. Closes and opens even if straw or bedding in the way.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020 The reviewer has 4-6 Not sure pets

My hens love it -- We love it! - Virginia,

A great product. Easy to install. Quality workmanship. The sleeping in time that it allows for now is worth every penny!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 The reviewer has 10+ pets

wonderful product - California,

I own one and I bought one for my daughter

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 laying hens and roos pets

Very convenient and dependable -

The chickens and I love the convenience of chicken coop door. No need to rush home in the evening to close the coop or wake up early to open on the weekends. I've only had this for about a month, but so far no failures to open or close.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020 The reviewer has 4-6 pets

Works Fantasticly -

This automatic door is very convenient and it saves a lot of time. I can tend to the animals when I am ready and not have to be driven by the sun's ever-changing cycle..

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020 The reviewer has 10+ Rhode Island Reds pets

Easy Installation -

So easy to put together and install. It is really user friendly and the battery life is great. They thought if everything with the keypad!

The reviewer has 8-10 Leghorn, Silkie, Mar pets

Best auto closing chicken door -

I'm very happy about my purchase of auto closing chicken door. It worked out of the box. You can set it to open and close with light sensor or timer. You can put a delay on when the light sensor closes the door. I put mine to 40 minutes after darkness. It was a perfect addition to my chicken coop.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020 The reviewer has 6-8 pets

Great door -

I’ve had the door installed for a month now and it works great. I needed a vertical door and this was perfect. It was easy to install. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs one.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 The reviewer has 2-4 Jersey Gold Chickens pets

Peace of mind -

I bought this automatic door opener before our week long Christmas trip to visit family, and had to have a way for the girls to be safely put to bed at night from possible intruders and the confidence that they will be let out in the morning to do what chickens do. After much research we settled on the Omelt Automatic Door Opener. For all the negatives about 2020, this was not one of them. Best decision I made. Easy to set up and it works flawlessly. Opens at 7am closes at 6pm every time. Customer service was fantastic. Worth every penny.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 The reviewer has 4-6 Laying hens pets

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