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Omlet chicken coop door and light -

Great product and really easy to fit to my chicken coop

Just buy it -

I made the mistake of buying a cheaper, weight-based model before buying the Omlet door. Don't make the same mistake as me. This is the best automatic chicken door on the market. You will be able to sleep past the first light, it's easy to install on any coop, and hens take to it quickly. We've had this for almost two months, and still haven't had to switch out the batteries. No issues with predators. It's a keeper, and well worth the price.

Chicken Coop Door -

I find the door very easy to install, works as described however the door is way to small to use with chicken/turkey combination farms as the turkeys will not be able to fit through the door. Although the door works great the programing can be a bit tricky and I think the price is way to high considering what it is. If I had to purchase another door I would be tempted to look for something bigger and at the same time priced at a reasonable price, at 189.00 for this door I would not purchase again....

A Life Changer! -

Works just as described. Easy assembly. No more having to open and close the chicken door! A real life changer! Definitely get one, if you can.

Wish I would have bought this years ago! - South Carolina,

If you are like many other people with chickens you must lock them up at night or they will be killed. This made it impossible to go anywhere over night, buying this door gave us freedom. When it arrived I thought oh no,so many parts. But it was so easy to assemble and install. The programming is simple and straightforward. We have had the door for 4 weeks and the batteries are still at 100% Bottom line is this is great product and I love it!

Brilliant purchase -

Removing the wooden door of my coop was slightly trickier than putting the automatic door on - It was very easy to fit. The visual instructions are clear. I was slightly worried the area was going to be a bit shady for the door to work properly but no, it works perfectly fine. I like the 20 minute delay if something goes over the sensor - it is not an easily confused door. I bought this at the outset of having my chickens, I read the reviews and decided if it was life changing for so many people, I would start with it rather than wait and see.

Small coop -

I have a small coop and I could not find an automatic door that worked. I took a shot on this one even though when I called the girl told me it would not work. She didn’t know what she was talking about. I have a wood coop and I did have to get different bolts from the hardware store because the ones that it comes with were too short and I modified the install instructions. I used bolts and the wing nuts to secure the top and I used the brackets that it comes with to secure the bottom. It took a little while and a new low of laying in chicken poop but it works great. This is totally life changing. Best door ever. I settle on giving this door a try because of the sensor preventing an accident with my chickens. This makes ensuring my chickens are secure at all times a no brained.


We love the automatic chicken coop door. My wife is the early bird in the family so she would let the chickens out at the crack of dawn. I wanted to give her something that gave her a little more time back to herself in the morning. This coop door is the best. Our chickens love it too. We have some chickens that are up super early and others that roll out of the coop 30 minutes after it opens. It gives everyone a little more freedom. It was easy to install, program and never fails to close on time. Very happy with our purchase. Thank you Omlet!

awesome door -

the door works great! Easy to operate and install. Great door for the money

Game changer accessory for coops! -

This is a game changer product for us. Worth it. To ensure the birds are safe at night without rushing home to shut the door, or having to wakeup with early summer daylight to open doors, this is the product. Easy install with an existing Omlet coop.

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