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Excellent Product -

Love the auto door, allows the chickens to get out when they need to when you sometimes forget to let them out. Very efficient and easy to install.

Coop door 6month review. -

Bought this door back in January a bit sceptical about buying it at the time but bit the bullet and went ahead with the purchase and really glad I did one of the best products I have ever bought it really works well it costs a lot but you control when they come out and in brilliant well worth every penny.

Great product -

Have used the auto door now for about a month. It was easy to install and program. Works very well. I have it set for opening at 5:30 am and closing at 9 pm. I do not use the coop light. The girls know what time it is to go to roost. Battery still registers 100% so it doesn't use much power. Now I don't have to go out at 5:30 to let the girls out nor do I have to worry about them being put up for the night. Highly recommend this product.

I was disappointed to find out the item was not in inventory as advertised but they took care of me and all is good -

Absolutely outstanding works better than I even thought it would. My father (76 years old) said if he had this door system he would still have chickens it was just to hard for him to get there every morning and evening.

Great little door, works great so far! - Virginia,

Ordered and it arrived a week or so faster than previously stated so that was a huge plus. It seems to function without any issues thus far.Controls are very easy to use and took less than 15minutes to mount to my hen house and get going.

Best door for coops -

It's a little pricy but you definitely got what you paid for. Installation, setting up were like breezes. Easy and function well. It really makes things easy and leaves you the peace of mind. That's what technology for. Two thumbs up for a excellent job by Omlet!

A great thing -

I have this mounted to the outside of a large cage to let the chickens free roam during the day. It works really well. I think it has saved my flock from the fox a number of times. And I don't get that sinking feeling when I wake up in the morning and realise I forgot to shut the cage door the night before. I am thinking of putting another one on the Eglu Cube (which is also awesome) so I don't have to manually close and open the door to keep them warm during winter nights. I thought the batteries might need replacing often, but after three months they are still on 90%. They will last several years at this rate. I found one tiny thing I'd like them to improve - you can open and close the door with either light or time, but not both. I'd like to open the door at 4pm - just before I get home, and have it close using light just before dusk. At the moment, I have to keep adjusting the close time to keep up with the seasons. It would be an easy software fix. My big cage is on a slope. I initially installed the door on the upside of the slope. But the chickens scratching and gravity slowly moved the mulch and dirt downhill so it built up against the cage and door, eventually interfering with the door's slide mechanism. The slide design is excellent and works even with some dirt in the mechanism, but I was also getting small sticks. I moved it to the door to a different location and it fixed the problem. But something to watch - you want to mount it where debris can't build up. And mount it 5-10cm above the ground. It's a great thing.

Coop Light -

Excellent product. The light calls my chickens in for bedtime. Light comes on at dusk, chicken get in coop, AutoDoor closes and it’s night, night for the day.

AutoDoor -

Extremely love this product. I am not the early riser like my chickens so this allows them to run when they rise and shine for the day.

I love the new coop door! -

Having bought the automatic chicken coop door we wondered why we hadn't purchased it sooner. It is brilliant. Works well quite easy to assemble to our old wooden coop(omlet cube on the wish list!).

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