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Problem Solved! -

We have not used a light on the coop before but it’s was a new young flock (8 hens) and we live in the Highlands (so daylight is at a premium at the moment (November)). We bought them from a grower of commercial flocks and so they had been used to a tightly regulated indoor system and so had to learn to become free range hens! And the light has helped showing them where to go after a day foraging in their run to roost for the night (it took a couple of days but their behaviour now is ‘normal’) going in a out of the coop at the correct times - one happy hen owner!!

Brilliant coop door -

This was purchased as a birthday gift for our daughter. Husband has fitted this with no problem and this should make life a lot easier for her. She has to be up at 4.30 a.m. and it is already dark when she gets home, so chickens should appreciate this too.

Wish I had bought one earlier -

Bought the auto door and conversion kit for our Mk 1. The instruction book seemed a bit daunting and there is no video showing the fitting to a Mk1. In reality installation was more straightforward than we had feared. We have also enjoyed watching the bedtime routine of the chickens. Strongly recommend

Awesome! -

I was skeptical about buying, but this door has made my evenings so much better now that it's dark at 5:00. I don't have to rush home to close the coop. Th door works perfectly! My girls got used to it right away. Easy to install!

Excellent -

Works perfectly

The greatest door EVER for coops!I - QLD,

I bought and added this door to my eglu cube Mk 2. It was very easy and quick to install. I works beautifully. I could not have a coop without it, as it is peace of mind, for when I am late or forget to close the chicken coop. Thank you.

Autodoor Bracket -

Fits well and sturdy. Only flaw is if you use extreme weather blanket and light sensor mode you have to just pull blanket over a little so sensor stays exposed. Not really a big deal but something to look at for the future.

Needed For The MK 1 -

This product works well and is need for the automatic door to fit the MK 1 Eglu Cube (has been designed primarily for the MK 2 - after watching the YouTube video it seems easier to fit the automatic door to the MK1 (with this kit) than the MK2 (just our opinion!!). Easily ordered on-line and was delivered quickly.

Good Design And Works Well -

Works well on our MK 1 Eglu Cube - you need the Conversion Kit for it to fit. The instructions, which come with the door, are reasonable to follow, however, the on-line YouTube video doesn’t show it being fitted to the MK 1 (it says so but it doesn’t). But after watching it through twice I could see how it did fit - so we didn’t have any problems! It works well - it opens and closes when we want it to. It is reasonable value for the cost - but that test will come over time. We feel that we can leave our flock with willing carers (eggs in payment) while we are on holiday and not having them too bothered first thing in the morning and last thing at night. We will possibly think about fitting one to the inner eglu run in the future (saving up the pennies now!!).

Superb product. Love it! Fine tuning important - Hampshire,

I bought this to add to my traditional wooden coop for my free range hens, mainly so that I don't have to worry about being home in time in the evening to close them up (I know for a fact I have foxes!). This works brilliantly, and for the UK in winter the light setting is the best option, but it does take a little bit of fine tuning to make sure you don't lock any chooks out! The first few nights I ended up with 1 or 2 hens still out when the door locked! It has now been a few weeks of use and I have had a 100% success rate. This door is simply the best out there. It’s positive action is so much more reliable and secure than the others that rely on gravity!

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