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Elegant automation every coop needs - California,

The door was a pleasure to install and use; its great industrial design shines though. When I was talked into getting chickens again (round four over 25 years and three properties), I insisted we put the work in upfront to reduce the labor and hassles of running a backyard coop as much as possible. The Omlet automatic door has banished a 2x daily chore forever!


I love the automatic door. It was very easy to install and works great.

Auto door -

It is nice to sleep in some mornings.

Very useful and well made door -

We got this when we realised our chicken coop wasn’t big enough for a vertical door. It was easy to install, easy to setup and easy to configure. Only problem I had initially with the light sensor was understanding what the light levels were on the sensor in relation to how bright it is outside. I now have mine set to open at 70 and close at 20 which seems to work well at this time of year (Summer). May need changing again in the winter but we’ll see. Overall, it’s an excellent piece of kit.


Easy to install, works great - North Carolina,

The Omlet automatic chicken door was very easy to install. Checked the timer as well as on demand functions and both worked as expected. The speed of closing allows the chickens to get by safely and it doesn't appear to scare them. I would recommend the Omlet door to others.


Absolutely fantastic. No more having to get up early now. I the worry is gone about shutting them in at night. Worth every penny. Thanks

Fantastic door! -

I had been wanting to buy an automatic door for some time and the look of the omlet one is much better than the ones that lift up and down on string, also I was attaching mine to a converted shed which I had cut a hole into the side of for the door, so no pop hole, and the auto door made the whole thing look neat and tidy! The door is a good looking piece of kit and we’ve had lots of comments on how lucky our hens are! The door works great and it’s so useful not having to get up in morning to let them out! Will also be really useful when we go on holiday and have someone over to look after the chickens, they will only have to come round once a day at a time it suits them instead of having to come twice a day in the morning and evening! Would definitely recommend getting one :)

love it! -

easy to install, easy to set up - love everything about it!

LOVE this door - California,

I researched a number of auto doors for my coop. I was a little put off by the guillotine style ones and I stumbled upon this one. I LOVE it. It won't close if my hand is just barely brushing the safety bar so I feel good that it is probably not going to smush a chicken. It was very easy to assemble and install on my wooden coop wall. The controls are very easy to use if you follow the instructions and I am just using the preset light sensor settings which are working great. It closes after they put themselves to bed in the evening and They are all pecking about in their run when I venture out in the morning. Also, its adorable and looks great on my coop. More of a modern look and less of the industrial farmhouse look that most other doors seem to have. I got the light which I love to use to spy and make sure they all got settled in for the evening. Can you tell I love this thing? I would buy it again, for sure.

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